Tuesday 15th May 2018

Yes!…The Apprenticeship Levy is working

Amanda Solloway – Executive Coach

Without a doubt, the Apprenticeship Levy is having an impact and is a great opportunity for all types of businesses from all sectors, small or large to enhance the skills of their workforce as well as adding meaningful personal development to those individuals who are participating in it.

My involvement is with the Leadership and Management programme and I am in the privileged position of being both a deliverer and receiver of the benefits that the levy provides.

In simple terms, using the levy wisely can give straightforward, well-structured development programmes that take the participant on a journey of learning, with the added advantage of supporting succession planning by equipping future managers with much needed skills and insights into leadership.

When the Levy was first introduced, there was some discussion around how this would work for both providers and employers, and of course it’s still early days, but I have no doubt whatsoever of the value it adds.

I think until you are ‘in it’, it’s quite difficult to understand the benefit that the levy can bring, but used wisely the impact is great and can influence businesses in a variety of ways.

There is never any doubt that a well-trained workforce has a direct correlation on a business’ success, but in my view the way that the development programme works over a sustained period means that it provides long-term improvement, threading genuine business development throughout a business.

What I really love as a receiver of the programme is that it allows you to equip future managers with the vital skills they need, it supports and provides rigour to a cultural change and it adds personal value for those who attend it.

I have the great pleasure of delivering Level 3 and Level 5 workshops to a variety of different companies and it truly is a ‘great pleasure’. The content is designed to fit around the qualification, but as well as this there are initially unseen advantages for participants such as working together across departments (rather than in separate pillars) and of people sharing experiences.

Whilst there are of course models that need covering, boxes that need ticking and theories that need exploring, what I try and do is broaden the experience of those attending the workshops, many who may well already have some leadership skills. For me the success or failure of a great leader depends on their attitude and behaviour and so whilst covering these important theories, I also hope to instil a passion for fair and decent leadership.

It’s about broadening horizons and enhancing positive attitudes as well as opening new opportunities.

Saying all of this, I believe that combination of workshops, transference of the learning into the workplace and the undeniable support from a mentor or coach all leads to what could be a potentially work/life changing experience.

My advice would be to support and encourage all those who want to participate, but for me the added value is that not only can an individual grow, but with well defined objectives the levy development programme can lead to an enhanced positive culture within business, a clear focus on the values of the business to employees and all round it has a positive impact for all.

When I first heard of the announcements of the levy, I thought it was a great idea, now, just like 3aaa, I think the levy is outstanding.

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