Tuesday 11th September 2018

3aaa and Clarity Information Solutions – Developing Key Players within the Market

Clarity Information Solutions, based in Sheffield, provide enterprise content management solutions to support their client’s specific requirements, delivering cost savings, driving process improvements and facilitating compliance – offering their experience and solutions across a wide area of the UK public sector. Through the use of a customer-focused approach, Clarity Information Solutions’ business model is based around the development of long-term client relationships. Learn more about Clarity Information Solutions by visiting their website, here: https://www.clarity-ltd.co.uk/

After learning about our comprehensive Software Development programme, Clarity Information Solutions hired Hayden Leach as their Software Development Technician Apprentice and he made an instant impact on the business. By taking advantage of a shake-up within their business sector, Hayden’s hard work and commitment to his role meant that the business was able to take over several contracts from other key players within the market.

Hayden started his Apprenticeship in October 2016 on our Level 3 Software Development Technician programme and has since progressed onto our Level 4 Software Developer programme. After being presented with the choice of either going to university or pursuing an Apprenticeship, Hayden had a huge decision to make in terms of deciding how to take the first step in shaping his software development career.

“My initial thought was that lots of software development jobs would require a degree so how would an apprenticeship help me?” Hayden said, when discussing how he made his choice, “Upon finding 3aaa, I was able to see that an apprenticeship would offer me the real world experience as well the qualifications and knowledge required to be a software developer, with the bonus of earning a wage while doing so!”

Hayden is now on the verge of completing his Level 4 qualification and has an employment contract lined up with Clarity Information Solutions.

“The main pull of becoming an apprentice for myself was the real world experience,” Hayden continued, “You are not sitting around watching people work and making cups of tea; you are actively engaging with your fellow work associates by assisting and contributing to projects: all of which is in a live, real world environment. This experience has allowed me to truly see what is involved in the job and understand all of the workings you may not necessarily see in a classroom based environment.”

Hayden believes that his experience throughout his Level 3 and Level 4 programmes have not only improved his technical skills, but also his personal skills too.

Clarity Information Solutions is one of many employers that we work with to provide the highest quality training and Apprentices. Apprenticeships are the perfect way to support the internal growth and development of a business, through the use of industry-leading programmes.

To learn more information about 3aaa Apprenticeships’ industry-leading Apprenticeship programmes, how you can get started on one or how you can hire an Apprentice, speak to one of our 36 local academies across England to get the support that you or your business require through our complimentary recruitment service, CV and interview tips and more.

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