Tuesday 7th August 2018

Essential Business Training Solutions Near You

The apprenticeship levy has given Learning and Development budgets a significant boost in the last 12 months, but we speak to so many companies who aren’t sure how to turn this into training that can legitimately add value to their business or organisation.

There has been a significant uptake in Management Apprenticeship starts since the introduction of the levy but this isn’t what the levy was designed for and isn’t going to help businesses become more technically capable of reacting to changes in the economy as it continues to change due to Brexit, progresses in technology and as the new markets such as China continue to grow.

As a result, 3aaa Apprenticeships have decided to take a different approach to providing strategic levy advice and support to its clients, with the introduction of training that is specific to the needs of a growing business that needs to be agile enough to cope effectively and efficiently with change as and when it comes.

Within this article, we look at some of the ways in which we are working in tandem with our partners to ensure that organisations across the country get the training and development that they need to stay at the top of their game:

Data Analyst – Standard

We have developed our Level 4 Data Analyst training programme in collaboration with companies including; Microsoft, John Lewis, BT and Freedom Communications to provide a commercially focused programme that covers all of the elements that modern employers and data specialists require to give them a competitive edge.

Over the course of this 15-month programme, participants develop the advanced skills, knowledge and behaviours required to effectively collate, manage and report on various types and formats of data, providing an invaluable source of business intelligence, making decision-making easier and less risky.

This programme is accredited by both Dell and BCS, meaning the knowledge and skills developed throughout it are industry-assured. On completion of this programme, participants will be awarded an EMC: Data Science Associate and a BCS Level 4 Diploma in Data Analysis Concepts.

Find out more about this programme and how it can boost your data management and analytical ability, visit our programme page Data Analyst training programme, download our delivery schedules for the latest cohorts and register your interest in the programme and one of our Data experts will contact you directly.

HR Consultant – Standard

We all know that the people in a business or organisation are the make or break element to success and investing in them and supporting their on-going development is key to an organisation’s overall success.

This is the main reason that we have prioritised our exciting Level 5 HR Consultant training programme. It covers all of the key areas that your HR and Talent Development function needs to ensure you continue to strengthen your organisation’s development.

Participants gain the knowledge and skills to deal with all HR functions including employment law, resource management, training and development needs, reward management and talent planning. Combined with a Level 5 CIPD accredited qualification in Human Resource Management, this training programme will strengthen your business’ talent and ensure your organisation is supporting its most fundamental resource – its people.

This programme is running in several locations across the country – find out where and how to register your interest in the programme now.

Cyber Security Technologist – Standard

Cyber security is the biggest threat to businesses in the UK – every business has some form of online presence, perhaps uses cloud-based storage, networking of various hardware and software and will manage data in some way.

Our Cyber Security Technologist training programme delivers the knowledge, skills and behaviours to keep your business safe online and offline. This programme covers data storage and protocols, typical security architectures, security hardware and software and how to use encryption techniques to give you piece of mind that your business is reducing the risk of cyber security threats.

Worry less about keeping your business safe and concentrate on moving it forward.

Find out where we are currently offering this programme and how it can protect your business.

Associate Project Manager – Standard

Managing projects with efficiency is essential for any fast-paced, growing business.

This is why we have teamed up some of the UK’s top employers such as; Rolls Royce, Royal Mail and Westminster City Council to design and implement our Associate Project Manager training programme, which is accredited by the Association of Project Manager (APM).

The programme is underpinned by the concept of effective project management through the delivery of knowledge and skills around governance and stakeholder management, leadership and communications and risk and issue management.

In order to ensure your business has innovative, yet effective project managers delivering projects on time and within budget, incorporate our Associate Project Manager training programme into their personal development.

Small cogs make a big difference

Training is a vital cog in the support mechanism that you provide for your staff. This is why we are growing our training portfolio to include all the necessary knowledge and skills that a future-facing business needs to grow.

At 3aaa we have 10 years’ experience in creating and delivering training that both individuals and organisations use to take them forward into the future. So why not contact us today to see what training we could offer your business to take it to the next level.

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