Amanda Solloway

Associate Delivery Staff

Career Highlight

The highlight has to be having been being an Member Of Parliament, the people you meet, the places you go and the opportunities that you have are just incredible. Such a great privilege.


Now that my two daughters are grown up, it’s really to be the very best I can be at whatever I do (though to be frank I am unlikely to win Wimbledon, even though I love tennis).


Be kind to yourself and don’t try and change those things that you can’t, or that have, already happened.

About your role at 3aaa

I work as an Associate with 3aaa and my area of expertise is behavioural development including coaching, NLP and EI. I have a background in HR and I am a fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Your Background Prior to 3aaa

Surprisingly, I have worked for very few companies, but I have worked with lots of clients. After school I started with Sainsbury’s as a Retail Manager, then went to Help the Aged in Training and Development, then Save the Children as an Area Manager, then the Baird Group as Head of Learning and Development, MP and then a self employed Exec Coach and Management Consultant. However, many of these roles have afforded me the chance to work with many different organisations.

I have also recently established a mental health charity called HeadHigh.

I am told that I am inspirational in my delivery, but I believe it’s that my passion for everyone to be the best they can that shines through.

What are your interests outside of work?

Politics, my charity, history and tennis.

3 words that best describe you:

  • Honest
  • Driven
  • Fun