Monday 18th September 2017

3aaa Apprentice, Lauren Lynch nominated for Nottinghamshire Apprentice of the Year

After being nominated for Apprentice of the Year, Digital Marketing Apprentice Lauren Lynch from the 3aaa Nottingham Academy attended the Nottinghamshire East Midlands Chamber Business awards ceremony final on Friday evening.

Lauren was supported on the evening and throughout her Apprenticeship journey by her parents and 3aaa’s Digital Marketing Assessor Louisa Hampson as well as Digital Marketing trainer Waqas Matloob.

Nottinghamshire Apprentice of the Year

The talented Marketer was nominated by Louisa, who recognised her for her positive attitude and natural ability in marketing.

Lauren came to 3aaa’s Nottingham Academy in 2015, where she met with our dedicated team and discussed her skills and knowledge to help us match her to the right course and role. She hadn’t had the best start to her working life and was unsure of what direction to take. Marketing encompassed her photography and design skills, as well as creative writing, so it was an ideal match.

She then completed her Level 3 Digital Marketing diploma to an exceptional standard, as recognised by her assessor. Louisa then recommended Lauren for the Level 4 diploma and the rest is history!

Within her role at the Creative Quarter in Sneinton, Nottingham, Lauren has taken on various digital campaigns via email, social media and blogs, as well as helping with the design aspect of projects.

Digital Marketing Assessor Louisa stated that “Lauren is an extremely talented young woman who has grown so much in the two years I’ve mentored her. She’s worked hard to become an integral part of the marketing department at the Creative Quarter, and I’m incredibly proud of her getting to the final of this award”.

Naturally, the Apprentice of the Year category offered stiff competition, and although Lauren unfortunately didn’t win the title, we at 3aaa are all delighted that she managed to get to where she did. It’s an incredible achievement and we know there are bigger and better things to come for Lauren.

Lauren commented “I am thrilled to have got here. The judging panel prior to the final was the most daunting of all stages of the awards, as I had to answer some pretty difficult questions and it was very intense. My Mum and Dad are so excited to be here and have supported me throughout my journey. I never thought I’d get past the initial application but becoming a finalist has made me believe in myself even more and it’s such a confidence boost. Thank you to 3aaa Apprenticeships who gave me the opportunity to make this happen”.

Once again, the whole team at 3aaa Apprenticeships would like to congratulate Lauren on her success so far and we hope that she goes on to have a long and successful career in Digital Marketing.

We also had nominations for the Derbyshire Apprentice of the Year award with Tom Lacey (3aaa Apprentice at Mercia Print Image) and Ollie Henderson (3aaa Apprentice at Purpose Media) being rewarded for their hard work throughout their Apprenticeships. Well done to Tom and Ollie for being nominated.

If you want to follow a similar path to Lauren and are looking to start your career in Digital Marketing, contact us now or find out more: Digital Marketer Level 3 Course

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