Friday 4th March 2016

3aaa Apprentice Represents Greater Manchester Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme

For Kyal Smalley, University was unappealing; the idea of large debts and difficulty finding a job after graduating made little sense. Whilst he wanted to learn and get an education, he desired something more engaging and hands on, whilst having the opportunity to earn money at the same time.

Kyal was quickly placed at 3aaa Manchester, and he began his a Level 3 IT Apprenticeship. He described: “Since starting my Apprenticeship I have learnt so much, from computer hardware and how the insides of a computer work, to server administration and troubleshooting IT problems. I have also learnt many life skills that have helped me grow as a person, such as what it is like to be in a working environment, financing my money each month, as well as living a more independent life.”

Julie Whalley, Academy Manager at 3aaa Manchester spoke highly of Kyal: “He has very quickly become an integral part of the team, and the skills that he has developed have benefitted us as a business immensely.”

His professional attitude and ambition shone, and has led to him becoming an Apprenticeship Ambassador for the Greater Manchester Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme. He now uses his own experiences and successes at 3aaa to promote the benefits of undertaking an Apprenticeship at local schools and events.

Kyal furthered: “My Apprenticeship has allowed me to do so many things, such as go on holiday without my parents for the first time, and I am even starting to look into moving into my own flat. I would recommend an Apprenticeship with 3aaa to anyone and everyone. The support that I have received here is outstanding and I have enjoyed what I am doing more than I have doing anything else.”

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