Monday 22nd January 2018

3aaa Apprenticeships and Swinton Insurance – Building an effective Levy partnership

At 3aaa Apprenticeships, we are delighted to have built a strong and effective partnership with Swinton Insurance and are adding value to their workforce with our outstanding, company specific training programmes.

‘Since the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, we have worked closely with our Apprenticeship partner 3aaa, in planning and launching a management development programme across our business.

The Swinton Academy has been created to continue the development of our colleagues and support our future talent pipeline.

3aaa support across all elements of development, tailoring, engaging and financially profiling our programmes under the Levy, allowing us to utilise our Levy payments and ensuring we have a programme that fits with our business needs moving forward.

Our management development programme has now been launched with the first delegates now 4 months into the programme. The feedback has been very positive and we plan on launching two further programmes over the coming months.

Working with 3aaa provides us with the expert knowledge of Apprenticeships, whilst allowing us to utilise the Levy in a way that fits with us as a business.’

Tony Cousins – People Development Manager – Leadership Development – Swinton Insurance

The members of Swinton’s management development programme have positively fed back on their experiences so far:

‘The first session was excellent and I learnt a great deal in the process. It was held brilliantly as more of a discussion, rather than being overloaded with information. This helped us to absorb the important information that was discussed and allowed us to set clear objectives for the rest of the programme’.

‘The programme is extremely relevant to our day to day roles and has been adapted to suit our sector, making all training more valuable. Our trainer is very open and adaptive and made the training feel like an open discussion, rather than a structured training session’.

‘So far the programme has helped me to become more effective in my role on a day to day basis. Our trainer is incredibly knowledgeable and engaged with us all, meaning that it was easier to take the information on.’

‘I am impressed that the programme has been designed with our needs in mind, making everything we learn completely relevant to our day to day roles. The engaging group discussions help to identity the whole group’s needs.’

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