Friday 21st April 2017

How 3aaa Apprenticeships are expanding in The States

July 2016 marked the birth of TranZed Apprenticeship Services in Baltimore County, and by November, they were a registered Training Provider delivering IT, Cyber Security and Digital Media Apprenticeships. 3aaa Apprenticeships partnered with the Children’s Guild in Baltimore, America, a not-for-profit organisation, to create an Apprenticeship provider in America; TranZed Apprenticeships.

In America, anyone who is 18 or older can become a TranZed Apprentice regardless of whether they have a college degree or not. TranZed Apprenticeships has found that the Apprenticeship programme is a suitable option for many people including those who wish to further their career, make a career change, or use an Apprenticeship as an alternative option to College.

As Baltimore’s first registered apprenticeship programme, TranZed has combined on-the-job training with relevant classroom time in relevant fields such as IT, Cyber Security, and Digital Media. According to TranZed Director Kimberly H. Neal, the program is tailor-made for every Apprentice. “From day one, our Apprentices are full-time employees,” Neal said. “They will receive 144 hours of customized classroom instruction built with input from their employer so that it is directly relevant to the job they are hired to perform. Each apprentice also has a mentor that they meet with regularly and who observes them in the workplace to ensure they’re thriving in their role.”

TranZed Apprenticeship Services uses the same model as 3aaa Apprenticeships uses in the UK, due to its 96% success rate for Apprentices remaining employed by the same employer for five or more years. In an interview with iHeart Radio, Kimberly Neal explained that it is the flexible training courses that 3aaa Apprenticeships, and now TranZed Apprenticeships Services offer which makes their Apprenticeships such a successful service. This is due to every Apprentice studying exactly what will benefit them and their employer the most.

“There is no barrier to the amount of Apprenticeships we can offer because of the flexibility of our classes,” Neal said. “I’m extremely enthusiastic with how TranZed has performed and where it is going in the future.”

TranZed Apprenticeships currently has 67 apprentices in the workforce and their first participants will graduate at the end of 2017. As the Cyber Security, IT and Digital Media sectors continue to develop, we look forward to seeing TranZed Apprenticeships expand with the ever-changing marketplace with the continued support of the Children’s Guild and 3aaa Apprenticeships.

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