Thursday 22nd June 2017

3aaa Apprenticeships – The Quality Driven Training Provider

City & Guilds are a world leader in global skills development, who inspire people to believe in themselves and unlock their potential through training. Much like City & Guilds, 3aaa Apprenticeships believe learning has no limits and that’s why it is important to celebrate outstanding achievements.

For over 100 years, City & Guilds have run the annual ‘City & Guilds for Excellence’ programme to recognise success amongst learners and tutors, in which 85 individuals were awarded this year.

One individual who was awarded a medal of Excellence was Martin Donaldson, a Level 3 and Level 4 Digital Marketing Assessor from 3aaa Apprenticeships.  Martin has worked for 3aaa Apprenticeships for just over 2 years.

When Martin joined 3aaa Apprenticeships, the company was growing at a rapid rate, which lead to him also becoming a trainer for Digital Marketing. When the Level 4 Digital Marketing course was introduced, Martin felt that the course, as it was, would not benefit the Apprentices and employers to the fullest, so he then, whilst juggling assessing and training and the busy life of a dad of two new-borns, sat and re-wrote the course. This lead to him becoming curriculum lead and onto developing the new Digital Marketer Standard this year.

This industry and 3aaa Apprenticeships have grown at a rapid pace and it is forward-thinking individuals, such as Martin, who have been versatile and adaptable to their approach and delivery, who have assisted in the success of 3aaa Apprenticeships.

We are an Ofsted Grade 1 Outstanding training provider of professional services Apprenticeships across England.  Established in 2008, we have 40 training academies filled with over 500 members of staff and over 4,000 Apprentices. With a substantial number of individuals to take care of, quality and performance is a large and important aspect of our business.

With all of the recent changes to the industry, such as the transformation from Frameworks to Standards and the Apprenticeship Levy, we want to ensure that the quality of our Apprenticeships remains as high as they have been.

To ensure that the quality of the delivery of our Apprenticeships remains at its highest, we have formed strategic partnerships with various bodies such as FSTP (Financial Services Training partners), AAT (The Association of Accounting Technicians), BSC (The Chartered Institute for IT) and CMI (Chartered Management Institute). These bodies take an active role in ensuring our professional services Apprenticeships are of a high standard and our academy staff deliver quality training with up-to-date industry knowledge.

As we continue to develop as a company and as an industry – we want to ensure quality is a main priority for us, because when we have quality staff, like Martin, we deliver quality Apprentices to quality employers.

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