Wednesday 11th July 2018

3aaa Non – Executive Director, Richard Gerver meets Barack Obama

On Friday 6th July, our Non-Executive Director, Richard Gerver met Barack Obama at the Forum for Digital Talent in Madrid, in what he described as the ‘proudest moment in his professional life’.

Richard said “We met at an event in Madrid which was about the future of digital innovation and the circular economy. My role was to talk about how education could better prepare future leaders to take on the challenge. The event included a number of world leaders and Nobel Prize winning scientists and economists, including Barry Barish the 2017 Nobel Prize winner for Physics. I was invited because of my profile in education and leadership. My meeting with Barack was brief but he asked if I would be interested in helping his Foundation, something I will speak to his people about in September. It was an amazing experience… awe inspiring, to have a moment with one of the icons of the 21st Century. He clearly agreed that we must do more to help prepare our young people for their tomorrow and that we need to look for alternative routes to those mapped out in traditional education. It’s what we at 3aaa are all about.”

Richard spoke to delegates during the event about the importance of collaboration for innovation within schools and why we should set student’s projects to solve real-life challenges, as well as a number of other topics.

You can find out more about Richard by clicking on the following link:

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