Monday 21st November 2016

3aaa Apprenticeships host second Apprenticeship Levy conference

On Thursday 8th December 2016, 3aaa Apprenticeships will host their second Apprenticeship Levy conference for large businesses and organisations to discuss the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, which will come into effect in April 2017.  The event is the second in a series of conferences and will be held at the 3aaa County Cricket Ground in Derby, accommodating around 100 companies. The workshop-style event will provide a Levy policy update and the opportunity for decision makers of large organisations to talk to the Apprenticeship Levy experts at 3aaa Apprenticeships, on a one to one basis, about developing their Levy Implementation Strategy.

The founders of 3aaa Apprenticeships, Peter Marples and Di McEvoy-Robinson said “This is a great opportunity for employers to talk to us about the challenges the Levy may have for them. Awareness of the Levy is growing but how companies can manage the implementation of it, to ensure they are getting the most from their investment, is still something many companies are struggling with. We want to help businesses create a plan that will allow them to maximise their Levy commitments.  Every employer will need a tailored solution and we are delighted to organise this event to help continue this process.”

The event will see Stewart Segal, Director of Strategy and Policy at 3aaa Apprenticeships, give a policy update on the Apprenticeship Levy to provide attendees with all the latest information on the Government’s reforms to ensure they are as prepared as possible ahead of April 2017. There will also be case studies showcased at the conference demonstrating how the Levy is providing large businesses, such as the Co-Operative Bank, with the opportunity to implement training schemes that contribute to the strength and depth of their organisations.

At the event, 3aaa Apprenticeships will be offering exclusive Club Membership for employers that sign up with 3aaa Apprenticeships to provide their Apprenticeship Levy implementation and management.  This will include the provision of free project management, attendance to a series of events and continuous updates on policy changes.  This package of support will provide the opportunity for all employers working with 3aaa Apprenticeships to maximise the training for both new and existing recruits and maximising the network of over 40 3aaa Apprenticeships training academies around the country.


For any Apprenticeship Levy related questions or information on the upcoming conference contact Lynsey Bowen at 

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