Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Sandwell Council and 3aaa – Introducing a Fresh Approach

Sandwell Council have been working with us for some time now – previously only having IT and Human Resources apprentices, this all changed when Millie Wilde joined the team as their first Accountancy apprentice.

Millie has been exposed to a wide range of experiences throughout her Apprenticeship, and she demonstrates the skills and behaviours to continue to ace her programme. She has been able to move between finance teams to obtain a full knowledge and understanding of the internal business and its transactions, including building relationships with budget holders and many key financial tasks.

On a practical level, Millie is supporting an ever-changing workforce and has brought a fresh approach and outlook to Sandwell Council. Transforming the team and allowing them to look at tasks with a fresh set of eyes.

Within the workforce, there are several staff who are due to retire, so the business is looking forward to internal progression and succession planning. If apprentices are continuing to add value to the business, Sandwell Council will be looking to retain these key members of staff to maintain succession plans.

Millie’s manager, Judith Wick, summarised her experience with Millie and 3aaa:

“I found the experience with 3aaa to be a positive one due to the regular monthly contact. I have a clear understanding of the requirements of the standards and that all 3 parties, employer, training provider and apprentice, have the same common goal. I find that the workplace visits are essential for my understanding of Millie’s progress.”

Millie found that 3aaa offered her a better experience than her previous training provider. She feels that the staff are supportive and finds that the 1-2-1 contact is beneficial to her studies. 3aaa offer a range of resources to cover all assessment criteria and Millie feels that this has helped her prepare for the exam, as it covers everything that could potentially be examined.

The staff at Sandwell Council make time to support Millie with tasks, and they offer her help and support on all levels, both with work and study tasks for her Accountancy Apprenticeship.

“She is positive, hardworking, enthusiastic and a very good independent learner,” Judith continued, “she is a fantastic example of how progress can be made with all parties co-operating.”

Sandwell Council informed us that Millie’s work is of such a good standard, that it is now used within company training as evidence of best practice, which is an astonishing achievement.

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