Wednesday 26th September 2018

Accounting For Success

After beginning her Level 3 Assistant Accountant programme in 2015, Sanya Qayyum recently completed her Level 4 Professional Accounting Technician apprenticeship to become a fully qualified accountant. After completing her GCSEs, Sanya initially chose the sixth form route but didn’t feel that it was quite right for her. After 4 months of sixth form, Sanya decided that she was far more suited to a more hands on, practical approach to learning – after some extensive research on the large variety of different programmes available, Sanya chose take on an Accountancy Apprenticeship through 3aaa.

I’ve always had a passion for maths and working with numbers so this field was exactly what I was looking for. I was able to work full time in an accountancy firm, whilst gaining my AAT qualification alongside and attending the 3aaa Academy one day per week.

Whilst studying to become a Professional Accounting Technician, Sanya also completed her Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business, giving her the motivation to push on and pass all of her exams, despite initially finding it challenging.

“When I was looking online for apprenticeships, I came across 3aaa Apprenticeships on the Government website,” Sanya said. “After having done some research, I applied and was then invited to come in for an interview. Not long after that I was enrolled onto my AAT programme!”

“I built a great relationship with my tutors as well as the academy manager,” Sanya continued. “Every member of staff was extremely friendly and any queries were answered quickly. Tutors were very flexible too, if there was an exam date set but I wasn’t feeling confident at all and needed some extra time, my tutors were kind enough to allow me to delay my exam for a few days until I was 100% ready. The cooperation and support (from 3aaa) was fantastic and my tutors really did want me to pass as much as I did myself. Everyone was so motivating!”

Sanya said that she would highly recommend the apprenticeship route to anyone who may be having second thoughts about starting sixth form, college or university. “This is the fast track route to beginning your career. I have friends who have graduated from university but due to having no work experience, they’re struggling to find employment. Employers nowadays look for experienced individuals.”

Talking about her future, Sanya said: “Many firms will take on junior candidates holding their AAT qualifications, plus the experience puts you in a great position. I have found so many different opportunities available to me!”

Sanya is just one of many fantastic Apprentices that have launched their career through a 3aaa Apprenticeship. During an Apprenticeship, Apprentices are supported both within the workplace, and by their 3aaa academy. 3aaa endeavour to give the best possible experience to Apprentices, helping them to develop themselves with skills and experiences they will need for a successful career outside of their qualification.

If you’re interested in becoming an Apprentice with 3aaa, we have 36 local academies across England that can provide information, advice and guidance to help you access your dream career. Getting started with 3aaa is easy, we can provide help and support with CV and interview tips and techniques.

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