Monday 9th April 2018

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

All businesses function using IT, there’s no getting away from it!

Whether it’s connecting laptops to a printer, migrating to a cloud-based system rather than an expensive physical server or implementing Office 365 across the business, every business needs someone who can keep their IT working efficiently.

An Apprenticeship designed for SMEs

3aaa have been working with the SME sector across the country for 10 years and in that time, we have seen their use of, and reliance on IT systems change.

Cloud Services

There has been a shift towards cloud-based systems in recent years which reduces the expense of running, maintaining and securing a physical server, which for most SMEs means outsourcing at a considerable cost.

We’ve designed an entire module around using cloud systems for data storage and sharing in a secure and flexible way, giving apprentices the knowledge and confidence to work with all cloud systems.

This module goes much further than simply teaching the principles of cloud systems though. It gives participants perspective by encouraging them to understand how their workplace’s business processes operate and how cloud systems could enhance these processes.

This module also brings with it the option to gain an additional vendor qualification certifying the knowledge and skills each participant has gained. The qualification with this module is Cloud Essentials from CompTIA.

Mobile and Operating Systems

Operating Systems are the software that runs desktop computers and laptops and manage their resources and memory when they’re being used for multi-tasking and mobile OS (operating Systems) do the same function on mobile devices – making their function an essential part of day-to-day business life.

Without correctly maintained operating systems, businesses struggle to function which is why 3aaa have included a module in their apprenticeship that not only teaches the concepts, approaches and techniques of operating systems, but also explains what the wider impact of these could be across a business.

So, having someone on hand who can address problems that occur with your operating systems, whether they are desktop or mobile based, and resolve them with confidence and at speed is a fundamental basic for any business.

This module contains fundamental knowledge for any IT professional and as a result brings with it the option to gain an additional vendor qualification certifying the knowledge and skills each participant has gained. The qualification with this module is awarded by Microsoft.

Networking and Architecture

Networking is an integral part of any business and allows all the different pieces of technology and data within a business to talk to each other. Without the correct network set-up and architecture in place, printers won’t print, WiFi networks won’t work properly and programmes won’t sync data correctly, leading to a lack of version control.

Networking is the fundamental infrastructure businesses need to remain efficient and the third module 3aaa deliver as part of this apprenticeship teaches participants the full range of concepts, approaches and techniques of networking and architecture.

So, whatever your connectivity problem, your IT apprentice will be able to resolve it quickly and keep your business moving.

10 reasons to hire an IT Apprentice from 3aaa?

There are a number of reasons you should hire an IT Apprentice but here are the key features and benefits of hiring an IT Apprentice from 3aaa Apprenticeships:

1. The IT Apprenticeship has been written to meet the needs of SMEs

2. The optional vendor qualifications included are industry-leading, guaranteeing the quality of knowledge and skills your apprentice will develop

3. 3aaa design their apprenticeships to be flexible to the job role and sector of each apprentice so it could fit any of the following jobs roles;

• Help Desk Technician,

• IT Technician,

• First/Second Line Support,

• Network Support,

• Remote Support,

• IT Support and many more.

4. All apprenticeships include a Masterclass from an industry-expert as part of the delivery giving learners access to success IT professionals who they can network with and ask questions on a one-to-one basis.

5. There are a range of apprenticeship progression routes that your IT apprentices can go on to as their career with you grows including; Infrastructure Technician, Software Developer and IT, Software, Web and Telecoms Professionals

6. 3aaa are Ofsted Grade 1 ‘Outstanding’

7. 3aaa are the 64th fasting growing business in the UK – The Sunday Times Fast Track 100

8. 3aaa Apprenticeships use a blended learning approach to delivery including; sessions, masterclasses, virtual learning environment and workplace mentoring which makes it flexible for your business and the apprentice.

9. Depending on the size of your organisation and the age of your apprentice, there may be no charge to your business for this training – to find out more contact 0844 504 3174

10. 3aaa offer a complimentary recruitment service which will match your job role and business needs to our pool of applicants meaning you only interview the most relevant and talented candidates saving you time and money.

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