Tuesday 25th September 2018

Bulldog Digital Media and 3aaa – Searching For The Next Generation

Bulldog Digital Media is an award winning digital marketing agency based in London that specialises in SEO, content and paid searching. Since their foundation in 2013, their goal has been to combine their experience with a fresh approach that focuses on building lasting relationships with their clients and delivering results with a measurable impact. Learn more about Bulldog Digital Media.

Buzz Carter, Head of Outreach at Bulldog Digital Media, is a former 3aaa Apprentice and now plays a key role within the business, running his own team and delivering award-nominated campaigns. Starting out on a Digital Marketing programme with 3aaa Apprenticeships, Buzz saw this as an opportunity to build on some of the experiences that he’d gained from previously working part time at his Aunt’s recruitment firm, and to build a career within the marketing industry.

“I decided to go for the apprenticeship route in 2015,” Buzz said, “I had been at a sixth form for the previous years and it just wasn’t working for me. I felt unmotivated to learn in a traditional education environment and knew that I needed to change my approach to education, which is why I decided to go for an apprenticeship.”

I had been working part time whilst at sixth form and found that I was learning a lot more in a workplace environment with actual tasks and responsibilities, so it just made sense to move over to an apprenticeship.

“When I started, my job was mostly doing admin for SEO Executives and helping out on some of the on-page SEO issues (including writing meta descriptions, interlinking blogs etc.). Then after a year or so, I moved towards the Outreach Department.

Now my current role has built from that. I am the Head of Outreach at Bulldog Digital Media, we’re one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing agencies around and it’s a completely different environment. I’ve ran campaigns nominated for awards all across Europe, as well as being nominated for a few myself, and run a team of Outreach Executives – so I really have come a long way from when I started my apprenticeship in 2015.”

Bulldog Digital Media take full advantage of Apprenticeship training, with Apprentices playing a large role in Buzz’s team and across the whole of the business. “Some people underestimate the value of having apprentices, but you can mould them to be a perfect fit within a team, you can experiment with them in different roles and see what they excel at,” Buzz said. All coming from different backgrounds, their Apprentices have always been eager to learn and excel within their roles, making perfect team members.

Joe Turbin is one of the current apprentices at Bulldog Digital Media, currently studying towards his Level 3 Digital Marketer programme. Joe chose the apprenticeship route because he thought that it seemed like the best way to get his foot in the door in the digital marketing industry, as well as providing education about different transferable marketing skills.

“I am really enjoying the programme as I feel very comfortable here, and I am learning a lot,” Joe said. “It’s particularly enjoyable because I feel that this job role is tailored towards my skillset.”

I really enjoy my academy days too, because they give you the opportunity to meet new people who are passionate about similar things to you.

Bulldog Digital Media is one of many fantastic employers that we work with to provide the highest quality training and apprentices. Apprenticeships are an amazing way to support the internal growth and development of a business through the use of our industry-leading programmes.

Talking about his personal experience with 3aaa Apprenticeships, Buzz said: “Most of my experience with 3aaa was amazing. It all started with Luke Culling, who sorted all of my paperwork, helped with my CV, finding suitable roles and giving me advice on how to market myself to potential employers. From there it was all smooth sailing, my mentors at 3aaa were great and imparted a lot of good knowledge onto me, from start to finish.”

To learn more about 3aaa Apprenticeships’ industry-leading Apprenticeship programmes, how you can get started on one yourself or how you can hire an Apprentice, speak to one of our 36 local academies across England to get the support that you or your business require through our complimentary recruitment service, CV and interview tips and more.

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