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Every business in today’s society needs Digital Marketing and IT support within their teams. But why is this?

Technology plays a big part in how a business functions, whether it be internet management and computer maintenance, or creating a website and using social media to get your brand online. There’s no way around it, technology is part of how we must work to enable businesses to thrive.

Does your business have the essential digital support it needs to grow?

All businesses, regardless of size, need to look after their stakeholders, both internally and externally. By hiring an IT and Digital Marketing Apprentice, you are providing your business with the support functions to do just that. 3aaa Apprenticeships can provide you with an expert workforce in these departments, helping your business reach its best.

Without IT support, an office would not be able to function, and without Digital Marketing support the potential for your business to grow and retain customers could be limited.

Problems in your business, that you might find difficult or occur frequently, could be a simple task for an IT or Digital Marketing Apprentice. For example:

IT and Software:
  • Internet connection issues – Your IT Apprentice can run diagnostics and get you connected quickly.
  • Lost or accidentally deleted files – Your IT Apprentice can recover lost files quickly and easily.
  • Computer or laptop running slowly – Your IT Apprentice will run regular maintenance updates to keep all your IT equipment running efficiently.
  • No-one has heard of your brand – Your Digital Marketing Apprentice will use a variety of platforms such as social media, email marketing, and web design/creation to help increase your brand awareness.
  • Struggling to retain customers – Your Digital Marketing Apprentice will use dynamic marketing to keep your customers coming back to you.
  • Not sure what social media platform is appropriate for your business – Your Digital Marketing Apprentice will determine which platform is appropriate for your target audience, and will write and create content for your specific audience.

Through our industry leading training and assessment, your Digital Marketing Apprentice will learn the skills to be able to look after your customers and brand, whilst your IT Apprentice will be trained to maintain your IT hardware, networking systems and critical data.

Not only does hiring these vital Apprentices allow young individuals to learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to excel in their job role but will improve efficiency; as this gives other members of your digital workforce time to focus on their area of expertise.

Our Digital Marketing and IT Apprenticeships have been designed to meet the needs of SMEs. All of the qualifications gained by the Apprentice are industry recognised so they will get quality assured training that can be used in your business.

These programmes also use a blended learning approach through classroom sessions, masterclasses, virtual learning and workplace mentoring. There are also multiple progression routes available with both the IT and Digital Marketing programmes so your Apprentice can continue to grow as a professional.

There are a plenty of roles that an Apprentice could fit into in your business, e.g:

  • IT Technician
  • Help Desk Technician
  • First/Second Line Support
  • Digital Marketing Content Writer
  • Social Media Specialist
  • SEO/Paid Marketing

Find out more about our Digital Marketing, IT and Software Apprenticeships here.

Why an Apprentice?

92% of employers reported a more satisfied workforce after hiring an Apprentice and 81% of consumers would rather use a company that hires apprentices than one that doesn’t. – The National Apprenticeship Service.

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with classroom learning, giving your employees the foundation knowledge and first-hand experience to build their skills. There are many benefits of investing in your staff through quality training; your teams will become motivated. Apprentices bring fresh and innovative skills and knowledge to your business and they are also more likely to stay with an employer who invests in them.

An Apprentice trained by 3aaa will receive:

  • Industry specific skills, knowledge and behaviours
  • Career advice and support to help them progress in your business
  • Industry recognised qualifications
  • Confidence in their job role
  • Professional development
  • Experience in the working world before becoming a full-time employee

Why should you recruit with 3aaa?

  • 3aaa offer a complimentary recruitment service which matches your job role and business needs to a selection of ideal candidates.
  • Depending on the size of your business, if you hire an Apprentice under the age of 19 there could be no training charge to your business.
  • Our thorough screening process ensures we only take on suitable candidates, meaning that the apprentice you take on will fit your business needs and will have the necessary qualifications for the role and the Apprenticeship.
  • We are a national company with a local approach. We have 36 training academies across the UK, meaning your 3aaa team will never be far from your business.
  • We provide industry leading masterclasses, run by independent thought leaders, and in-depth IAG (information, advice and guidance) support to ensure all of our Apprentices are developing personally as well as professionally.
  • Our learners are taught essential workplace knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Become more confident in your digital workforce, hire an IT and Digital Marketing apprentice into your business today.

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