Tuesday 3rd January 2017

3aaa Apprentices graduate from CSC

UPDATE: A further 12 young people have graduated from their 3aaa Apprenticeship with CSC and are now progressing to the Level 4 3aaa Apprenticeship in Technology.

Eleanor James, 3aaa Apprenticeships Sheffield Academy commented: “We had the privilege of presenting our hard-working CSC Apprentices with their well-earned certificates. Their success was recognised by their line managers and all the staff members that made their achievements a possibility. We look forward to seeing more young people starting their career through a 3aaa Apprenticeship with CSC and in fact, we have started yet another cohort this week!

The Second cohort of 3aaa Apprentices to start their career with CSC. They will complete their Level 3 Technology 3aaa Apprenticeship and gain valuable work experience whilst gaining nationally recognised qualifications.

3aaa Apprenticeships are proud to announce that 23 of our Apprentices have completed their Level 3 Technology 3aaa Apprenticeship with huge success.

Each of these Apprentices work for CSC across various areas of the company and not only have they completed their Level 3 Technology 3aaa Apprenticeship, every single Apprentice has been offered, and have taken the opportunity, to progress onto the Level 4 3aaa Apprenticeship, which is the second year Apprenticeship offered to further develop on skills learnt at Level 3.

All of these young people were from our Blackburn Academy and 3aaa Apprenticeships and CSC held a graduation for them on Friday 16th December 2016 to celebrate their hard work.

Paul Ferguson, Director of Audit and Compliance at 3aaa Apprenticeships, along with CSC senior management team, Miranda Webb and Mike Tombs, presented all 23 of our Apprentices with their Level 3 IT certificates on the day in front of family and friends, celebrating their recent success.

CSC are one of the first companies that have signed up with 3aaa Apprenticeships, Apprenticeship Levy Management Team and have Project Manager, Jennifer Bramley, to help them manage their strategy and implementation of The Apprenticeship Levy, that will start in April 2017. Blackburn Academy have only been working wth CSC for 12 months and we are delighted that CSC as a company can already see how hard working and prosperous our Apprentices really are. We look forward to celebrating more successful completions with them in the future.

Below are some images of the Apprentices receiving their certificates for graduation from Level 3 IT at CSC.


If you would like to know more on  Apprenticeship Levy or how 3aaa Apprenticeships can help you with its implementation, you can contact our Apprenticeship Levy Management Team on 0330 124 3224 or email apprenticeshipslevy@3aaa.co.uk

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