Thursday 1st June 2017

93% of our Apprentices and Employers are happy with our service

As a pro-active leader in the sector, 3aaa Apprenticeships have invested heavily in customer service and ensuring both our Apprentices and employers receive all the support they need, throughout the Apprenticeship.

We have an independent Customer Service team that contact every Apprentice and their Employer at varying intervals throughout the 3aaa Apprenticeships journey. There is no other training provider that offers a service reaching out to every customer whilst acting on key themes, sharing best practices and acting upon suggestions and feedback.

As a result, we know that 93%* of our Apprentices and their employers are pleased with the service we are providing them with. This is truly representative of our commitment to deliver locally-focused high-quality Apprenticeship training and recruitment, on a national basis.

There are 3 key points when our independent Customer Services team contact the Apprentice and their employers throughout the programme:

10 Days in to Programme – This is to ensure that both the Apprentices and employers expectations and commitments have been agreed and that the process so far has met everyone’s expectations.

6 Weeks in to Programme – This call will confirm that 3aaa Apprenticeships have met our commitment to the Apprentice and that the employer has completed all relevant steps of the ‘3aaa Apprenticeships Way’ to date.

6 Months in to Programme – This call establishes that the commitment from 3aaa Apprenticeships, the employer and the Apprentice is still 100% and that all three stakeholders have met agreed targets.

We understand how important it is to support both Apprentices and their employers throughout the 3aaa Apprenticeship journey. Understanding their views on our service is crucial to ensuring Apprenticeships are both beneficial to Apprentices as well as their employers and shapes the journey that we provide going forward.

Find out more about how an Apprentice can benefit your business.

*This figure is representative of an average monthly satisfaction rate Jan – June 2017.

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