Tuesday 25th April 2017

How Apprenticeships are giving Americans skills they need to build careers

In July 2016, 3aaa Apprenticeships expanded into the United States by partnering with the Children’s Guild to create TranZed Apprenticeship Services, which has been a registered training provider for the people of Maryland, Baltimore since November 2016.

TranZed Apprenticeship Services are offering IT, Digital Media and Cyber Security Apprenticeships to students 18 years old or older, with at least a General Education Diploma (equivalent to 5 GCSEs grade A* to C).

3aaa Apprenticeships’ core operations in the United Kingdom provide specialist professional services Apprenticeships in sectors such as Technology, Digital Marketing, Accountancy and Business Administration.

Each year in America, 40,000 information security analyst roles go unfilled, with employers struggling to fill a further 200,000 other positions in Cyber Security related jobs.

It is companies such as 3aaa Apprenticeships developing companies like TranZed Apprenticeship Services that will fill the US cyber skills gap.

Apprenticeships provide employers with an employee that has the desired personality and soft skills, and the Apprenticeship provider such as TranZed Apprenticeship Services provide classroom training to the Apprentice.

All TranZed Apprenticeship Services’ training is tailored to the employer’s needs, ensuring the Apprentice is learning the valuable skills and training the employer is looking for when hiring someone through normal channels.

The Cyber Sector is growing and constantly developing with nearly all businesses and Government services conducting electronic transactions, handling confidential information or having an online presence.

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