Friday 31st March 2017

Aspiring Cyber Security Technician Meets Tracy Pound

3aaa Apprenticeships are helping women across England to build a Technology career through Apprenticeships.

Barbara Godkin, Technology Apprentice working with Tiedata LTD, spoke to Tracy Pound, Director of Maximity and a key influential figure in the Technology industry about her journey so far as a 3aaa Apprentice and her aspirations to become a Cyber Security Technician.

“I was always really passionate about Technology. Even from a young age, I was experimenting with and troubleshooting technical issues with home PCs.”

There are only two women in my cohort at 3aaa Apprenticeships, out of a class of 20! This doesn’t put me off a career in Technology, it encourages me to lead by example and push further to get more women to start a career in Technology.”

You can watch the discussion here:

“Cyber security is something that everybody needs to be aware of and be concerned about. There is an increasing need for individuals like myself to help put security measures in place to ensure that our personal and business assets and information are secure.

My Apprenticeship has increased my knowledge on backup software’s and different backup strategies, whilst increasing my knowledge of operating systems.”

If you are looking to start your career, consider an Apprenticeship. If you’re an employer looking to grow your workforce, consider recruiting a 3aaa Apprentice.

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