Wednesday 14th March 2018

Data Clarity and 3aaa – Working together to provide top quality training and apprentices

3aaa’s Apprenticeship Levy Management Service enables our partnered businesses to strategically spend their Apprenticeship Levy funds on staff development, allowing the business to flourish in areas that need up-skilling.

Data Clarity are a member of 3aaa’s Levy Club and provide software and data services to businesses of all sectors, across the world. Now, the Apprenticeship Levy paying organisation want to share their experience of Apprenticeships so far.

We have an extensive relationship with Data Clarity, providing them with outstanding 3aaa Apprentices who are all studying within the technology sector. In 2017, the first two of Data Clarity’s Apprentices qualified with flying colours and the company were so impressed with their skills and knowledge that they are now full-time employees of the business.

3aaa and Data Clarity are currently working together to develop their training programme so that it reflects both the business’ needs and values and 3aaa’s Ofsted Outstanding delivery.

This is what Data Clarity’s Business Support Manager, Darren Gent had to say about one of their first Apprentices, Callum White.

“Callum has progressed within the business and actively assists with coaching and mentoring new employees. Just recently, Data Clarity has employed two new 3aaa apprentices in Software Development, one of which Callum has the responsibility of training in certain areas Callum’s Apprenticeship journey has been a positive one and has led to him securing a full-time position, is evidence as to why I feel this would be a great story to share.”

The business believes that the opportunities with hiring Apprentices is to develop the new recruits so that they adopt Data Clarity’s best practices. They see Apprenticeship training as a two-way street. Data Clarity provide life changing development for individuals, and the Apprentices bring diversity in their approach to challenges that the business may face. They also feel that their Apprentices bring a level of creativity to the organisation as well as a youthful enthusiasm to succeed.

3aaa Apprenticeships are Data Clarity’s local training provider, and our partnership reflects the business’ aim to support the local community. When the organisation decided to explore Apprenticeship training, they noticed that the intricate structure of our programmes and the level of input that Data Clarity could have towards the training provided by 3aaa was perfect for their business development. Since our partnership began, Data Clarity have found that the quality of the candidates that have been introduced to the business are of an incredibly high standard and 3aaa as a training provider are now extremely valued by the organisation.

Both Data Clarity and 3aaa have found that our programmes not only benefit the individual through growth in confidence, skills and knowledge that allow them to excel in their job role but provides the wider business with the development needed. As the Business Support Manager at Data Clarity, Darren Gent says, “The combination of senior employees and young talent means that there is a cascade of knowledge. By hiring Apprentices, we can take new recruits in a direction that will add value to Data Clarity’s business. People should embrace the opportunity of modern Apprenticeships, they bring a diverse range of skills and experience to any organisation.”

Callum White was one of the first Apprentices that Data Clarity hired. Although the other 3aaa Apprentices within the business are currently working towards our Software Development qualification, he was trained through 3aaa’s IT programme. Callum chose this qualification because he found that the modules such as Networking and Architecture, which cover a range of concepts and techniques within IT, were interesting and would prepare him for the sort of job role he wanted in the future.

Throughout his Apprenticeship, Callum’s day to day jobs included writing JavaScript and HTML and running the Back-End Logic of Data Clarity’s data analyst systems. When interviewed by 3aaa, he expressed that his skills have been able to grow because every working day is different and the modules within his Apprenticeship programme allowed him to work with servers at Data Clarity, even though he had no experience of this before starting his training.

Not only has 3aaa and Data Clarity enabled Callum’s IT knowledge to grow but it has strengthened his professional development skills.

“The most beneficial part of my 3aaa Apprenticeship was finding my own independence and problem-solving skills. I feel much more confident with business activities and finding the answers to questions by myself now. 3aaa really help you with the coursework and push you to be your best. The entire Apprenticeship made me the person I wanted to be.”

Callum also stated that he found that his 3aaa training academy was a very calm environment and found that our expert training was focused around his personal development as well as his IT qualification. Now that he is a qualified Software Developer at Data Clarity, Callum runs many projects and mentors the other Apprentices within the business.

For more detail into Data Clarity’s involvement with Apprenticeships, watch our case studies below.

Darren Gent, Data Clarity’s Business Support Manager explains the benefits to hiring Apprentices into the business.

Callum White and Jordan Hall, employees at Data Clarity, explain how 3aaa Apprenticeships enabled them to become competent and skilful individuals:

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