Tuesday 6th March 2018

3aaa Apprenticeships and Davies Group – Working in partnership to utilise the Levy effectively

Davies Group and 3aaa Apprenticeships

At 3aaa Apprenticeships, we have developed a strong working relationship with Davies Group since they hired their first 3aaa Apprentice back in March 2017.

Davies Group is a large organisation with 30 locations throughout the UK, Ireland and Bermuda. They specialise in the delivery of operations management, consulting and digital solutions to organisations in highly regulated markets, including insurance, financial services, utilities, communications, and to regulatory bodies. Their core services include: claims solutions, insurance services, complaints handling, and compliance & regulatory services.

Davies Group chose to work with 3aaa Apprenticeships due to our award-winning status and the fact we could provide a local, personalised service on a national level. Our 36 academies are located close to Davies Group’s biggest sites and we offered them the expert driven Apprenticeship Programmes they are looking for.

Since our partnership began, Davies Group have mainly taken on 3aaa’s Business Administration Apprentices, ranging from Level 3 to Level 6, but the organisation has recently introduced 3aaa’s Level 3 Assistant Accountant and Level 3 Infrastructure Technician programmes into the business, to help up-skill and motivate more departments within Davies Group.

The 3aaa Apprentices working for Davies Group are located in different locations such as Colchester, Stoke and Birmingham meaning Davies Group have an excellent relationship with a range of our 36 academies. 3aaa Apprenticeships and Davies Group are currently working together to recruit more outstanding apprentices across the whole business.

Davies Group’s claims teams has grown significantly in the past year, and the appointment of their 3aaa Apprentices has aided this growth.

The Training Manager at Davies Group, Kaylee Cadwell said:

“The Apprenticeship programmes Davies Group have chosen to do will give the individuals the skills they need to flourish, an opportunity to work for our business and the aim to help them progress within their career within the company. We have an array of Apprentices across our business and they bring a positive and enthusiastic attitude to their work as they learn more about the industry and our processes.”

Eve Barlow

Eve Barlow is just one of the 3aaa Level 3 Business Administration Apprentices at Davies Group. After deciding that college wasn’t the right move for her, Eve had her first interview with 3aaa. Eve said that “On arrival for my interview; I felt welcomed and was made to feel comfortable.”

3aaa supported Eve in finding an Apprenticeship programme that suited both her skills and aspirations and she was thrilled when Davies Group offered her the role after her interview with them. Despite having only been employed by Davies Group for the past 6 months, Eve has developed and gained many new skills within her HR role, including her communication skills and workload management.

Thomas Thacker is part of the FNOL Claims Handler Department at Davies Motor, studying towards his level 3 Business Administration qualification. Thomas explained that he chose to work with 3aaa because “3aaa offered the best opportunity for me regarding the sector I wanted to work my way into, which is IT.”

Thomas Thacker

Thomas’s apprenticeship has given him valuable experience in the workplace, allowing him to confidently build relationships with business stakeholders and expand his portfolio of qualifications.

Davies Group are a great employer ambassador for apprenticeships and are developing their staff in all of the areas in which 3aaa offer’s qualifications. The organisation is keen to utilise all of their Apprenticeship Levy allocation on staff development, but more importantly on bringing new talent into the organisation through 3aaa’s recruitment service.

Whether you are a small business or a Levy paying employer, 3aaa can support the growth of your organisation through skills development, just like we have with Davies Group. Our 36 academies and bespoke Apprenticeship programmes help to develop and target skills provision towards the needs of all UK sectors, companies and occupations in companies.

Find out more about 3aaa and our Ofsted Outstanding training programmes at www.3aaa.co.uk

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