Thursday 24th May 2018

Core Tree and 3aaa – Leading the Continuation of Growth and Skills in Young People

After being able to meet the needs and criteria of both the business and the Apprentice, Core Tree chose 3aaa Apprenticeships as the perfect Apprenticeship provider to partner with to expand the business and their marketing team.

Based in Bewdley, Worcestershire, Core Tree are a social media marketing company, providing services in social media management, consultancy, mentoring and content creation.

Core Tree looks at helping businesses in understanding and using social media within their marketing strategy, building an online presence and brand awareness.

3aaa first started working with Core Tree in September of 2015 and brought Georgia Smith onto the team. Georgia started on our Level 3 IT programme and then moved onto Level 4 Digital Marketing once completed. Since completing her Level 4 (and also being Core Tree’s first employee since the start of the business), Georgia has since become a fully employed member of the Core Tree team.

Georgia Smith, Social Media Account Manager at Core Tree said:

“My experience with 3aaa has been outstanding. Throughout the entirety of my Level 3 and Level 4 qualifications, I received the highest level of support and the 3aaa team were always there to provide me with any information, advice and support I needed. I feel I have progressed extremely well with 3aaa, completing my qualifications to a high standard and even ahead of deadlines. My apprenticeship has helped me to develop both on a professional and personal level. I went from being a shy 17-year-old with very little experience in a working environment, to a confident individual with an excellent skill set and valuable work experience.”

Since starting her Apprenticeship, Georgia has been able to put several other accolades under her belt. In 2016, she was awarded Apprentice Ambassador of the Year by 3aaa Worcester after being put forward for completing her Apprenticeship early. After becoming an Ambassador for 3aaa in the West Midlands, she regularly attended education events and school visits with the 3aaa team to share her Apprenticeship journey and promote the benefits of Apprenticeships.

“I believe that apprenticeships are an excellent option for young people. An apprenticeship helps you to develop skills that you never would have developed staying in school or university. They help to build your confidence and they also look great on your CV, if you do decide to move onto something else after completing your apprenticeship.”

Georgia has now become a member of the West Midlands Young Apprentice Ambassador Network, which is a network of young Apprentices in the West Midlands that go out into schools to promote Apprenticeships and inspire others with their Apprenticeship stories. Also supporting the National Apprenticeship Service on event stands, Georgia manages the network’s social media accounts in her spare time.

Jack McCaughtrie, Director at Core Tree, said:

“Apprenticeships have been vital for the growth of the business over the last two years. It has significantly increased capacity to take on new clients and provided the company with valuable ideas and creativity.”

Apprenticeships have provided Core Tree with an efficient way of growing their team to aid the growth of the business. Jack said that he urges any small business to consider Apprenticeships when looking to recruit younger talent.

“I cannot recommend 3aaa enough and I would encourage any small business looking to take on an Apprentice to speak to 3aaa. It has been a pleasure for both me and Georgia to work with 3aaa during the course of Georgia’s Apprenticeship. From start to finish, the process has been seamless.”

Core Tree is one of many remarkable employers that we’ve worked with to provide Apprentices and support their internal growth. Through the training of our outstanding programmes, the business has been able to develop with young talent helping lead the continuation of growth in skills. You can find out more about Core Tree on their website:

If you’re interested in hiring an Apprentice or would like to become one, we have 38 local academies across England that can provide bespoke services to you through our range of first-rate programmes. Getting started is easy, 3aaa can provide the help and support to meet your requirements with our free-of-charge recruitment service, or with our CV and interview tips and techniques.

To find out more about becoming an Apprentice, hiring an Apprentice or our available programmes, visit

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