Tuesday 10th July 2018

It’s all about Teamwork

As the nation is gripped by World Cup fever (I write this after the quarter-finals, but before the semi-finals on Wednesday), you cannot but observe and admire how Gareth Southgate has lead and managed the squad of players and backroom staff along the journey. A united group, each knowing exactly their duties and responsibilities. No one, even the waist-coated Southgate, reluctant to take the remarkable glory with the achievements.

Determined, relentless in the pursuit of excellence and above all proud to serve their country, knowing the remarkable impact it will have on everyone if we progress further.

Contrast that with the recent days of our Government (not a political statement). A group of disparate and desperate individuals who would have not made it past the qualifying stages of the FA Cup, never mind the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Look at any of them, not one who has played Sport at any significant level so really has never experienced the need for team work or togetherness. Ruthless pursuit of individual ambition achieves little in my experience.

I am sure in years to come the contrasting styles will be analysed as part of many a Levy management programme, looking at which is most effective, why and most importantly the results delivered from the different styles.

I have reflected also, on how our organisation delivers our vision and ambition, how we go about our day to day business and how we as leaders need to change our behaviours, style and approach.

I have always been someone that champions people ahead of process – that becomes more difficult as an organisation grows – process CAN stifle flair and make the day to day boring. Driven through people can create chaos without sufficient order to proceedings, particularly as the organisation is growing rapidly. It’s all about balance – a strong ‘spine’ of the team in football speak, a protector as the goalkeeper, strength at centre half in delivery, midfield energy and an engine in Innovation and excellent sales pedigree as centre forward. All of these need to be better than you in each of their respective positions – my engine went many years ago and I never had any strength at centre half.

So as we prepare for the 11th July – I’m reminded many people can’t remember the last time 28 years ago and only one of the current England Team was born then – I will be reviewing my management development style slides for my next presentation and also looking how we can as a business improve in each position. A more measured approach, joined as one with an ambition to succeed.

It’s coming home – they say – I truly believe it is!

Come on Engeeerrrrrland

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