Monday 4th June 2018

Johnsons Marketing and 3aaa – Embracing Opportunities, Excelling Above and Beyond

Johnsons Marketing are a Marketing and Design agency helping both B2B and B2C businesses to promote and position themselves as market leaders through their website design, digital marketing, branding, printed & promotional items, signage, photography and videography.

Johnsons Marketing is a relatively new business, set up by a successful 3aaa Apprentice following the completion of his Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. Lawrence Johnson (Founder, and Director) who has always had a passion for marketing, he believes that:

“The innovation of Digital Marketing has not only changed the world, but changed the way a business markets their brand.”

Since successfully launching the business Lawrence has come back to 3aaa to hire an apprentice, Conner, who has recently completed his Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and will be progressing on to his Level 4 Digital Marketing programme.

Throughout Conner’s Level 3 apprenticeship with Johnsons Marketing, he has fully embraced the opportunities of working in a marketing and design agency and has learnt a broad range of skills, not just in digital marketing but in customer service and strategic marketing. Conner goes above and beyond for the clients he services and continues to develop his own learning outside of what he is taught in his apprenticeship, making him the ideal employee for JM’s clients.

Conner has recently been promoted to an account manager, a role which sees him managing the marketing requirements of 2 of Johnsons Marketing’s longest standing retainer clients. This is a key role in the growth and development of Johnsons Marketing, and not a level of responsibility that would normally be given to an apprentice, but Conner is excelling in his marketing and customer service ability and the customers really enjoy working with him. As a past 3aaa apprentice, Lawrence has taken a leap of faith with entrusting this responsibility to Conner.

Lawrence said:

“As an apprentice myself, I strongly believe in the apprenticeship process. I take a great deal of joy in teaching Conner marketing skills, I would always prefer to hire apprentices as I can relate to their journey. With first-hand experience of the apprenticeship process, I believe the skills taught are invaluable. I will continue to invest in apprentices as I know exactly what I am investing in, and especially following the success of Conner!”

During his own apprenticeship experience, Lawrence noticed how restricting it can be to have only one set of responsibilities. As an employer, he likes to offer his staff as much variety and flexibility as possible, allowing them to have a fully independent career that they can shape and progress themselves.

Lawrence continues to endeavour to allocate varied and broad responsibilities to Conner to boost his skills, experience, knowledge and most importantly, moral.

Conner has greatly helped develop his business in its crucial foundation years and Lawrence continues to teach him everything he needs to know to ensure both his apprentice and his business continue to grow and develop. After teaching Conner how to manage accounts, this has freed up time for Lawrence to market his business, generating leads, converting them into lucrative clients and developing existing clients of the business.

This tale of 2 successful apprentices is testimony to the excellence of 3aaa’s Apprenticeships, and the outstanding quality of training we provide. Through Lawrence’s success as an apprentice, he went on to be an entrepreneur who found business success immediately after he finished his apprenticeship. As a result, apprenticeships are always going to feature in his future business plans because the results speak for themselves.

If you’re interested in hiring an Apprentice or would like to become one, we have 38 local academies across England that can provide bespoke services to you through our range of first-rate programmes. Getting started is easy, 3aaa can provide the help and support to meet your requirements with our free-of-charge recruitment service, or with our CV and interview tips and techniques.

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