Friday 17th August 2018

Leadership & Management Apprenticeship Standards with CMI & 3aaa

CMI’s Apprenticeships have been designed by employers for employers. The Standards contain the knowledge and the skills that employers want and need for managers within their business.

Recent research from CMI has shown that employers value the management and leadership apprenticeships and highlight five benefits to their business:
  • Expanding the talent pool
  • Creating a learning culture
  • Engagement and motivation
  • Increasing productivity
  • Employee retention
This compliments the view of Petra Wilton, Director of Strategy and External Affairs at CMI, when discussing the apprenticeship levy:
The Apprenticeship Levy should be seen as a ‘skills investment plan’, and the funds can be used to invest in programmes for school leavers and existing employees. Businesses may not even be aware that they can use the levy to train managers and leaders at every level. We now need more collaboration to ensure that this support from managers for apprenticeships translates into a new way of training and upskilling the workforce.

With nearly 10,000 management apprentices, CMI is working closely with 3aaa and other providers to ensure the apprentice ‘journey’ and End Point Assessment (EPA), which measures the skills, knowledge and behaviours of each apprentice and grades their performance against the apprenticeship standards, are constantly evolving and meeting employers’ and employees’ needs.

Although the EPA needs to be a rigorous independent process, CMI is ensuring that the EPA itself is more holistic and rounded process supplemented by a pragmatic view recognising the apprentice’s progress, learning and application as well as offering more pre EPA support (not assessment) in conjunction with 3aaa and other providers.

Chartered Manager with CMI & 3aaa:

Chartered Manager is a unique offer from CMI and is part of the Operations Manager Level 5 standard (and the Management Degree Apprenticeships). According to the latest research, on average Chartered Managers each add £391K of value to their employers. The apprenticeships will allow employers to up-skill existing managers, and also attract new talent to acquire the skills they need.

As part of a valued strategic partnership with CMI, 3aaa offer the Chartered Manager outside of the apprenticeship itself. This is a professional award for Management and Leadership and is competence based with focus on a manager’s achievements. It is a demonstration of the manager’s knowledge, experience and skills application and is only awarded by CMI, via 3aaa, so please contact your 3aaa contact to discuss further.


At CMI, our mission is to increase the number and standard of professionally qualified managers and leaders. We do this by bringing consistent excellence to management and leadership. By tacking the ‘accidental manager’ – people who excel in their core function such as sales, IT or finance, and are then promoted as managers but left untrained and unsupported – we are raising the standards and practices of management and leadership up to those of the other professions.

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