Thursday 6th July 2017

Liverpool’s Solgain recognise the need for Apprentices in their team

Based in Liverpool, Solgain UK Limited are a private limited company who operate in the renewable energy sector. Solgain undertakes a full technical appraisal of any scheme to ensure the property is suitable and that any system installed will be economically viable and capable of generating sufficient electricity to be financially beneficial to the client. Solgain supply and install all necessary components and commissioning of the system.

Solgain currently have three Apprentices working within their team; Leighton, Tom and Ellie. Leighton is a Level 4 Technology Apprentice who is currently working within their surveying department. Tom is a Level 3 Technology Apprentice who is working on a variety of projects including website design and data processing. Ellie is a Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprentice who is undertaking a full rebrand of Solgain including logo design and documentation styling.

Paul Conway, Commercial Director of Solgain UK commented on the reason why they wanted to hire Apprentices;

“Solgain is committed to sourcing local talent, developing their skill sets and integrating them into the business model. The Apprenticeship scheme offers access to such individuals.”

3aaa Apprenticeships are an Ofsted Grade 1 Outstanding training provider of professional service Apprenticeships. 3aaa Apprenticeships Liverpool have placed over 300 Apprentices to date and have formed partnerships with hundreds of employers, both small and large, across the country. Solgain recruited Apprentices from us because, with over 40 academies across the country, we can provide a national service with a local approach, we were near his company and we were able to meet his business requirements and needs.

As the Apprenticeship industry continues to grow, Solgains belief is that any business not considering Apprentices is missing an opportunity to secure quality, committed individuals that with the correct support and training will become valuable, long-term employees. Both 3aaa Apprenticeships and Solgain strongly believe in offering opportunities to young, intelligent individuals that just need a stage to demonstrate their dedication and commitment.

There are many benefits an Apprentice can bring to a workforce, which Solgain found when hiring their Apprentices. Their Apprentices have helped fill the skills gap they identified within their business, as well as the Apprentices bringing fresh ideas and concepts to the business.

“The mix of Apprentices to experienced employees lifts the overall atmosphere in the office. From a personal perspective, it is rewarding to witness an Apprentice growing into a role and developing daily”

Apprentices are important to the overall business philosophy of Solgain, namely to recruit locally, to offer opportunity, to retain, develop and run a professional organisation with talented individuals in a healthy and friendly environment.

Solgain are a brilliant example of the high-quality employers we work with and place Apprentices with on a day-to-day basis. They believe and invest in the Apprenticeship scheme because they believe in helping to build careers for those who want to work within the professional services industry. They recruit local people, help local businesses and therefore help the local economy, which is why we deliver a national service with a local approach.

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