Thursday 11th May 2017

Improving School Career Guidance for London Based Students

3aaa Apprenticeships are delighted to be selected as an official partner of Young Careers which is a new Government backed pilot scheme designed to shape the future of careers advice in England.

This partnership enables us to build connections with students who are leaving school and sixth form.

The initiative, which is being run by Reed In Partnership, aims to strengthen links between business and education by improving careers advice given in schools, ensuring young people are inspired and informed about their career opportunities.

We will be working closely with Young Careers through our London-based academies to deliver in-depth and impartial advice around careers in Technology, Digital Marketing, Accountancy and Business Administration.

A report by Reed In Partnership found that fewer than one in four young people rated their careers advice as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, and 63% said they did not receive enough information about the range of career options available to them.

Young people are the future workforce for all companies, so we want to ensure that they are fully informed about the types of roles that are available and the routes they need to take to pursue them.

After receiving information regarding Apprenticeships and the sectors we specialise in, we will support students throughout their journey and match their skills to their ideal career with a local employer.

Working with their employer, the young person will utilise their skills and passions to start a highly successful career in their chosen industry and become an asset to the company they work for.

We will be delivering skills advice around the various career options that we specialise in, allowing students to get an insight from leading professionals in Technology, Digital Marketing, Accountancy and Business Administration Apprenticeships across England.

Our partnership with Young Careers enables your school to:

  • Evaluate your current careers advice
  • Develop a high-quality curriculum with employers
  • Help your students transition into work or Further Education
  • Ensure your careers guidance responds to real opportunities and industry developments

The pilot will be provided in close collaboration with other Government agencies, including the Careers and Enterprise Company and National Careers Service.

Martin Fallon, Managing Director of Reed In Partnerships, said;

“We are delighted to be working with 3aaa Apprenticeships on this very important pilot; many young people are currently being failed with inadequate careers advice, so we welcome this initiative which seeks to pave the way for more innovative, impartial and informative careers advice in schools. Young people deserve to know all their options to enable them to pursue a career which best suits their skillset and interest. We are looking forward to working with 3aaa Apprenticeships over the next 18 months.”

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