Monday 17th September 2018

Richard Irons takes over as Managing Director at 3aaa Apprenticeships

The board of Aspire Achieve Advance Limited (3aaa) announce the two founders of the business, Peter Marples and Di McEvoy-Robinson will be leaving the board, and the management of company, at the end of September 2018.

Richard Irons, currently Chief Operating Officer, will take over the day-to-day management of the business in the newly created role of Managing Director, reporting to Derek Mapp, Chairman. Richard joined 3aaa in June 2016 and was previously CFO of Romax Technology. He is a qualified chartered accountant.

Peter and Di jointly founded the business over ten years ago. Since then, their passion and commitment has resulted in 3aaa becoming one of the largest apprenticeship businesses in England. The board supports Peter and Di’s decision and welcomes Richard into his new role, as 3aaa continues to grow and develop in new markets.

Peter and Di jointly said, “we are tremendously proud of what we have built together with the support of both the management and all of the staff that are currently employed in the business. We are grateful to the staff who have worked with us over the last ten years.

“We feel it is now time for us to stand down together, ten years after jointly founding the business. Moving forward, we will now take the opportunity to focus on our health and families.”

Derek Mapp, Chairman of 3aaa commented, “I have rarely experienced the total dedication and exceptional effort that both Peter and Di have applied to this business. They will be missed, but it is to their great credit that they have successfully put in place strong management succession for the company going forward. The board wishes them every success.”

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