Tuesday 7th March 2017

Peter Marples’ Views on National Apprenticeship Week 2017

We have launched a designated section on our website for National Apprenticeship Week, specifically tailored for young people, employers, schools and parents to help increase awareness of Apprenticeships nationwide and bust the myths that still linger around Apprenticeships. Here are the views of Peter Marples, Joint Owner of 3aaa Apprenticeships.


“2017 has already been an eventful year and has identified skills development and the growth of the UK economy to be crucial. Brexit is beginning to take form and the announcement of a modernised Industrial Strategy reinforces the importance of skills development for the growth of the UK economy.

It’s the tenth anniversary of the National Apprenticeship Week, which we as a company have always been heavily involved with since founding in 2008. This is a key period for all of us in the Apprenticeship Industry, being a week to celebrate the success of, and increase awareness of, Apprenticeships for both Apprentices and their employers.

The Apprentices we provide opportunities for play a pivotal part in the growth of UK businesses through the service we provide in both sourcing and training high-quality people who become Apprentices. We have supported over 15,000 people in starting their careers over the past 7 years and we are looking forward to supporting thousands more through this National Apprenticeship Week and through the introduction of the new Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017.

National Apprenticeship Week is a fantastic platform for all of us in the Industry to showcase how Apprenticeships are supporting people and economic growth. Apprenticeships are fast becoming the first-choice option for those looking for a prosperous career in a field that they love.”


Working across a nationwide network of 41 training academies throughout England, we are the largest independent, Ofsted Outstanding Apprenticeship provider, offering life-changing opportunities daily, placing over 90 young people in sustainable jobs with Apprenticeship training each and every week.

Now is the time for GCSE and A Level Students to start making their plans for their careers – Apprenticeships are a worthwhile alternative, studying towards your degree whilst working and earning and with no University debt.

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