Monday 5th March 2018

Update from Petra Wilton, Director of Strategy & External Affairs, Chartered Management Institute

The recently introduced Apprenticeship Levy has come in for criticism from certain sectors of UK PLC, the Telegraph has reported, with businesses complaining that “the funds raised do not cover training costs and the levy has, in effect, become just another business tax”.

But, Petra Wilton, CMI’s Director of Strategy, said this assessment was unfair and pointed to the much greater cost to the UK’s economy of poor management and leadership.

“The Apprenticeship Levy is not the real tax on business – low productivity is a far greater burden with poor management and leadership costing businesses £84bn each year,” she said. “The Apprenticeship Levy addresses a key market failure: businesses’ systemic under investment in the world-class skills needed to compete internationally.

“It’s true – the extent of change and the skills transformation being ushered in by the Apprenticeship Levy will take time to embed. And only eight months in, it’s far too early to call time on a much-needed intervention in the skills system.”

Wilton did concede, however, that more needed to be done to make the Levy a greater success, and urged employers to make the most of the opportunities presented to them by the Apprenticeship Levy.

“Many employers are now identifying key higher level skills gaps in management, digital and engineering, and as a result the fastest growing new degree apprenticeships are across these areas.

“Since the introduction of the Levy, more than 18,500 people have started an apprenticeship – nearly half of which have been at intermediate or higher levels. The slow start reflects the need to do far more to raise awareness of the benefits of professional apprenticeship pathways and celebrate the early adopters.”

“Employers should now use the Levy to invest in both up-skilling existing employees, as well as bringing on the next generation, to ensure that we finally call time on the UK’s productivity gap that taxes us all,” she added.

End Point Assessment with CMI:

The End Point Assessment (EPA) is the culmination of the apprenticeship and it measures the skills, knowledge and behaviours of each apprentice and grades their performance against the apprenticeship standard.

As an independent Apprenticeship Assessment Organisation, CMI are able to carry out the EPA against the assessment plan. Working closely with strategic partner 3aaa, CMI offers an optimised booking process to accelerate draw down of final funding for each apprentice.

CMI are dedicated to making the EPA process a positive experience for all learners and will work with you and 3aaa to create a bespoke support package. CMI is the only Chartered awarding body dedicated to management and leadership excellence and the Federation of Awarding Bodies ‘Awarding Body of the Year’.

CMI are the only organisation that can embed Chartered Manager status and the pioneers of the Leadership and Management trailblazer apprenticeshipndards. An employer can have the confidence that the EPA CMI provide will be progressive, comprehensive and underpinned by exceptional customer service, quality and support.

Petra Wilton - CMI

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