Monday 30th April 2018

PetrolPrices and 3aaa – Introducing a start-up mentality

After originally hearing about us through one of their suppliers, PetrolPrices got in contact with 3aaa and we have been working together since June 2015, providing a number of Apprentices over the years.

Based in Hampshire, PetrolPrices is a company on a mission to reduce fuel costs for it’s members and save motorists time and money with fuel comparison tools, motoring offers, a used car finder and more. They also offer services in areas such as advertising and lead generation on a B2B level.

With 36 academies across England, 3aaa were chosen as the perfect training provider for PetrolPrices due to being able to provide our industry-leading programmes on a local level.

PetrolPrices have taken a keen interest in our Digital Marketing programmes since partnering with us, also taking on an IT Apprentice in the past. Their most recent Apprentice, Kitty Bates, is currently on our Level 3 Digital Marketing programme.

Jason Lloyd, Managing Director of PetrolPrices, said:

“(The business) needed to be rebooted, Apprentices brought a start-up mentality. Fresh talent coming in with original ideas and can adjust to change rapidly. Apprentices are cross skilled and are willing to consider new concepts and adopt different approaches rapidly, as opposed to older staff who can be resilient.”

Jason previously had assumptions about Apprenticeships before getting involved, thinking that University was the only way to progress. However, he now views the Apprenticeship route as more effective, seeing it as a “triple hit – learning path, work experience and earning at the same time.”

Nick Wagstaff joined PetrolPrices in July 2016 as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. Nick wanted to progress his career, so chose a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship as it was appealing to him and the type of dynamic role that he wanted.

“I did an IT Apprenticeship with another provider but realised that I needed to re-focus. I didn’t want to be at college or university. Digital Marketing was my focus and I really ran with the opportunity to take responsibility and gain management skills.”

Nick originally attended college but left due to not enjoying it. He believes that an Apprenticeship is the best way to get real experience that you can present to a future employer. “Working for an SME offers me the chance to progress rapidly and gain management experience much sooner than I would in a large company.”

Kitty, who started her Digital Marketing Apprenticeship in January, also attended college before beginning her Apprenticeship, but found that it just wasn’t the right route for her. She said that an Apprenticeship gave her the motivation to progress in her career, and that her commitment and enthusiasm to attend can be seen every day. “My parents would always push me to go to university, you don’t have to get a degree to get a good job.”

PetrolPrices is one of the many fantastic employers that we work with to provide Apprentices. With the use of our industry-leading programmes, we’ve been able to help shape the workforce of the company and develop skills within them to allow the business to grow and progress towards their needs.

We have 36 academies across England, from Southampton to Newcastle, where we can provide bespoke services on a local level with our industry-leading programmes. Whether you’re looking to become an Apprentice and get started on one of our programmes, hire and Apprentice through our complimentary recruitment services, or get help and support managing your levy spending on upskilling your current workforce, 3aaa can provide the support that you require.

To learn more about 3aaa, our facilities and the in-depth programmes that we have to offer, visit

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