Friday 26th January 2018

Providing the right skills is the solution to the productivity shortfall

Following the recent report by CBI on the National Industrial Strategy and how it is vital that we are putting in steps to improve the skills delivery in England, we look at the key points from the report and how, as a nation, we need to get it right to ultimately benefit the country’s economy.

CBI, the UK’s Premier business organisation recently released the report, titled ‘In Perfect Harmony – improving skills delivery in England’, citing a number of key points regarding the importance of skills to growth and innovation.

For the UK to maintain it’s position as a leading global economy, investment in people’s skills is essential. Aspects of the Apprenticeship Levy combat this, with the new job-relevant Standards helping employees to develop the right skills to positively benefit their employer but other aspects such as fundamental issues with funding and blocking the younger generation’s paths are hindering this progress currently.

At 3aaa Apprenticeships, we agree that access to high-quality skills is a solution to the current productivity shortfall and the link between skills and economic success at a national and regional level is well-evidenced. We provide outstanding Apprenticeship programmes in an array of different areas such as Leadership & Management, Technology & Software Development, Accountancy, Digital Marketing and Business Administration & Customer Service. Our industry experts work closely with our partners to develop bespoke solutions to ensure that the right skills and programmes are being implemented within our partners across the country.

As the report states ‘Skills are an obvious priority for businesses as they add value throughout each area of the business, enabling the introduction of new technology and knowledge transfer. The best performing businesses are those which are highly innovative, quickly adopting new technology or innovating themselves – in their products and processes as well as in business and management practices.’ Training members of the team sufficiently will allow more businesses to work in this manner and help them to engrain the standards and values of their business into the core of their present and future workforce, embedding high-quality skills and processes.

At 3aaa Apprenticeships, we were early adopters of Standards which have been specifically designed with employers, for employers, in an effort to plug the skills gap. We have worked with the likes of Charles Wells, XPO Logistics and AAT to develop Apprenticeships that actively look to increase productivity.

Apprenticeships are more than just an answer to the skills gap though, they embed confidence and ambition into individuals, allowing them to be the innovators and entrepreneurs of the future. Invest in skills now for productivity, invest in people now for the future.

Our bespoke Apprenticeship programmes help to develop and target skills provision towards the needs of specific sectors, companies and occupations in companies within a region and this is vital to giving each unique business the skills that they require to succeed and progress.

Technology is revolutionising jobs and careers, making skills even more important…

Read the report in full by clicking on the following link:

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