Friday 3rd November 2017

Rotherham United FC and 3aaa Apprenticeships

3aaa Apprenticeships, England’s largest training provider of Leadership and Management programmes, are pleased to be delivering the first session of their Level 3 & Level 5 programmes to employees of Rotherham United FC.

We have built a strong, long-lasting relationship with Rotherham United and we are now working closely with them to deliver our industry leading Team Leader programme.

Working closely with employees from across the organisation, including the Commercial Director, First Team Manager and Assistant Manager, we are ensuring managers and leaders of all levels are receiving high-quality training, allowing them to make an impact on and off the pitch.

Rotherham United FC take personal development very seriously and are dedicated to ensuring that their workforce has the tools and confidence to excel within their roles.

Through industry leading training, we will be securing the foundations of our succession pipeline

Steve Coakley, Commercial Director at Rotherham United FC, is one of the participants of the programme and is excited about the impact it will have;

“By further enhancing our already successful partnership with 3aaa, receiving their industry-leading training we will be securing the foundations of our succession pipeline, ensuring employees of Rotherham United today, and in the future, will have opportunities to excel and believe in the effectiveness and importance of skills and further development.”

Delivered at the Football Club, our management experts are working with Rotherham United’s managers and leaders, ensuring that they receive training which they can then apply to their roles, allowing them to progress and prosper.

Also attending the Management Development programme is Rotherham United FC’s First Team Manager, Paul Warne;

“I strongly believe in the importance of professional and personal development and by being a part of this programme, we will be able to apply aspects of it when managing my team. It is vital that everyone in the club understand the importance of being the best that we can be.”

3aaa Apprenticeships are the leading training provider of Leadership and Management training programmes in the country, working with organisations across the country to up-skill their workforce enabling business growth.

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