Friday 5th May 2017

Slide into Success

EKM Systems are one of many businesses in the Lancashire area who hire Apprentices through 3aaa Apprenticeships.

Established in 2002 with over 75 employees to date, EKM Systems currently have over 10,000 clients for whom they provide a range of services to both local and national clients, including eCommerce and Search Engine Optimisation. The 15 most recent employees that EKM Systems have recruited have all been 3aaa Apprentices between the ages of 16 and 23, working in either Digital Marketing or Technology.

With a fun and vibrant atmosphere including an American style Campervan as their meeting room, beanbags scattered around the workplace and a large slide that connects the third floor and ground floor in reception, EKM Systems knows how to keep their employees engaged, excited and driven.

As well as improving the lives of their employees, many of whom are Apprentices, EKM Systems are also a large part of the local community. They power 30,000 shops worldwide and have generated in excess of £5 billion in sales to date. This helps both the local and the national economy, as a large majority of their clients are local to the Lancashire area, generating sales for local businesses and allowing them to prosper and possibly enable them to hire their own Apprentices.

Stephen Howells, Customer Experience Manager at EKM Systems uses 3aaa Apprenticeships as a key part of their skills development strategy and with Stephen being a former Apprentice himself, EKM Systems recognise the need for Apprentices within their company.

“We chose 3aaa Apprenticeships because they are a national company who offer a local approach that is tailored to our company. The initial conversations that we had with our Apprenticeship expert were extremely positive, nothing was too difficult and all my requirements as a manager were met. They came out to our offices to understand our skills needs as a company, where vacancies are currently and how Apprenticeships could be tailored to meet those needs and help our company to grow.”

Watch Stephen’s Case Study

Our Blackburn academy sources and recruits Apprentices and provides training and support to both the Apprentice and the employer in the Lancashire area. At 3aaa Apprenticeships, we believe in pairing the right Apprentices with the right employer, which is why we have a very high success rate of Apprentices remaining employed by the same employer for five or more years after completion of their Apprenticeship.

Hamzah Patel is a 3aaa Apprentice who works for EKM Systems. He recognises that;

“Employers look for experience which isn’t something you get through a college or university education. There are many benefits of becoming an Apprentice, one being that you’re working, you are learning and are gaining valuable skills. With 3aaa Apprenticeships, you get regular phone calls to ask how you’re doing and to make sure you’re happy and I’m really proud of the support I receive from 3aaa Apprenticeships.”

Watch Hamzah’s Case Study

EKM Systems are just one of many businesses in Lancashire that 3aaa Apprenticeships are currently supporting the growth of. With the success of our Apprentices, we will continue to build relationships with both current and prospective employers in the Lancashire area and across England. Click here to find out how we can help your business grow.

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