Thursday 6th July 2017

Software Development Programme will boost UK productivity

Increasing productivity is key to the growth of the UK economy. 3aaa Apprenticeships’ new Software Development Apprenticeship programme ensures businesses employ skilled workers who innovate the way their customers interact with them.

As the first training provider to offer a Software Development training programme specifically designed with employers, for employers, they are leading the further education industry into the new era of Apprenticeships.

Apps, websites and software are quickly increasing in importance in the modern business environment. Most business activity is now driven through mobile devices and the internet and the way businesses are represented across these platforms is crucial for ensuring lead conversion.

3aaa Apprenticeships’ Software Development Apprenticeship programme allows businesses to develop skilled employees who lead on developing user-friendly, interactive interfaces and educate the business on evolving technologies. This increases lead conversion probability, which naturally increases business activity.

Well-developed software ensures maximum lead conversion, as it simplifies the journey of a visitor becoming a customer, then that customer becoming an advocate for the business.

Instead of getting outline knowledge of all areas within several technology-related professions, this Level 3 and Level 4 training programme is designed specifically around software development, ensuring the learner is specialising in this field and becomes highly competent in their role.

Even though these reforms were announced back in 2015 and must be implemented by 2020, most Apprenticeship training providers have been slow to take this advice from employers on board, with the vast majority only offering the improved Apprenticeships to large businesses.

Stewart Segal, 3aaa Apprenticeships’ Director of Strategy and Policy comments on their Software Development Apprenticeship programme;

“3aaa Apprenticeships are leading the further education industry in developing Apprenticeships that are extremely relevant and beneficial for businesses. In addition, we provide individuals with the skills they will need to lead a prosperous career.”

3aaa Apprenticeships are industry-leading in their approach to developing job-specific Apprenticeship programmes, that are both relevant to the job role required and the needs of the business.

This is part of their continued commitment to all of their stakeholders to provide the best quality training, developing the skills needed for personal and professional growth. They are working with businesses of all sizes across England to ensure skills development is both affordable and delivered effectively.

You can find out more information about our Software Development Technician Apprenticeship here.

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