Thursday 8th June 2017

Southampton Apprenticeships Bridge The Skills Gap For Marketing Agencies

Like all our academies, our Southampton Apprenticeships academy is well established and have developed strong working relationships with many leading employers throughout the city and county, building strong ties with the local community. This enables us to recruit the right Apprentice and pair their skills and personality with one of our trusted employers.

Marianne Devereux, a 3aaa Apprentice who currently works at One2Create as a Junior Content Marketer, recognised the need for work experience, as well as a qualification which is why she decided a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship would be her next career move.

One2Create are a full-service Marketing agency who provide a variety of design and marketing services to a broad variety of customers from start-up businesses to larger corporations.

During filming of her Apprenticeship showcase, Marianne spoke about her experience with her employer;

“The training opportunities here are really good. I would not have expected to have this amount of support. I have done animation training, I have had support with Photoshop and InDesign and everything Adobe-based and any support I need they have been able to help.”

Take a look at what else Marianne had to say here;

One2Create had shown an interest in hiring an Apprentice for many years before hiring Marianne, but found that their rural location made it difficult. They have a junior programme currently in place so it was a natural step to then start integrating Apprenticeships into their workforce as a personnel development strategy.

They tried many different Southampton Apprenticeship providers but had never had any viable candidates. This changed when they were introduced to 3aaa Apprenticeships and they have now hired four Apprentices to date.

In a recent video case study, David Harris, Managing Director of One2Create commented on his experience with us;

“3aaa Apprenticeships have been fantastic. Every time we have needed to get a candidate, the process is so simple. We made the phone call and sent over a job specification and they understood what it is we are looking for immediately. The longest it has taken us to find an Apprentice has been around 10 days.”

You can watch more of David Harris’ case study here;

By providing a national service with a local approach, we help both local employers and local  people through Apprenticeships, which consequently benefits the local economy. Apprentices can bring innovative ideas and a unique perspective on aspects of the business which can enhance the workforce and reduce staff turnover.

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