Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Catfish Web Design and 3aaa – Supporting the Expansion of Small Businesses

After being impressed with the way that our excellent 3aaa staff were able to explain the process of taking on an Apprentice, Catfish Web Design chose 3aaa Apprenticeships as the perfect Apprenticeship provider to partner with.

Based in Cambridge, Catfish Web Design have been designing and developing websites for 18 years. Their services lie within web design, e-commerce and logo and print design, and through the creation of products such as responsive websites, they’re able to easily meet their client’s business objectives and ensure that a return on investment is provided.

After being able to easily and quickly provide in-depth information that was required in regards to Apprenticeships, Catfish Web Design chose to partner with 3aaa to allow their Apprentice to take full advantage of our Level 3 Digital Marketer programme and gain the best knowledge possible to support her future within the business and as a professional.

Eden Jefford joined the Catfish Web Design team as Digital Marketing Apprentice in February 2018 and has played a key role ever since. Taking part on our Level 3 Digital Marketer programme, Eden has received outstanding feedback from company clients and has started attending off-site appointments interviewing potential clients and aiding in building successful business relationships.

Jane Horwood, Managing Director of Catfish Web Design, said when discussing the positive impact of an Apprentice on the business:

“I think it is a great opportunity for a young person to get hands on experience. It’s early days for us yet but I am impressed with Eden’s work ethic, motivation, enthusiasm and can do attitude. To me, that is everything I would want in an employee.”

Being what Jane described as a micro-business, nerves and questions were present about how the role of an Apprentice would fit into the business, and if the business would be the right experience for an Apprentice. However, once Eden started her role, it was clear that not only would an Apprentice be a large benefit to the business, but also that an Apprentice would get a positive experience within their role in the business.

“I have found it easy to pass bits of work to Eden that normally I would have to find the time to do myself,” Jane continued, “certain things are fiddly and time consuming and take me away from more pressing jobs. Eden has also come up with a video slideshow that we have just promoted on our social media pages, our blog and a newsletter. It will be lovely if we can sell this service to our clients. I am enjoying having a sounding board. In addition, Eden has been teaching me a few things too which is great. It’s a fresh and young eye.”

Eden Jefford, Digital Marketing Apprentice at Catfish Web Design, said:

“My experience with 3aaa so far has been exceptional. Any questions I’ve had are answered without delay, the academy and mentoring is conducted in a professional, yet friendly manner, and I’ve already met some incredible and interesting people. I feel as though I have made more progression – both professionally and personally – in the first month of being an apprentice than I did in the last year prior to starting. I hadn’t considered an apprenticeship before I found this one, and I would wholly recommend it to anyone looking to gain work experience and qualifications at the same time, in a field specific to your interests.”

In addition to her work, Eden created and runs her own blog that she regularly updates as her diary of a being a digital marketing Apprentice, which includes what Eden gets up to in her day-to-day role. You can learn more about Eden’s role and her progress at ‘A rough diary of a digital marketing apprentice.’

Catfish Web Design is one of many wonderful employers that we’ve provided an Apprentice to and continue to support and aid in terms of the development of the business. Through our wide range of outstanding programmes and training, Eden has been able to develop her skills and apply her knowledge in real business situations. To learn more about Catfish Web Design, visit their website:

If you’re interested in hiring an Apprentice or would like to become one, we have 36 local academies across England that are able to provide bespoke services to you through our excellent programmes. Getting started on one of our programmes, or hiring an Apprentice through our free-of-charge recruitment service, is easy. We can provide the support that you need to meet your requirements.

Learn more about becoming an Apprentice, hiring an Apprentice, our range of available programmes and more, here:

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