Thursday 9th November 2017

The Diary of a 3aaa Apprentice

3aaa Apprenticeships are proud to work with over 6,000 Apprentices nationwide. Emily Smith is just one of our Outstanding Apprentices, supported by the industry experts at the 3aaa Norwich academy. This is her story.

Now almost into my 10th week as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, I still believe it has been the best decision I have ever made.

I am eager and excited to learn about all future opportunities here at Nu Image, a creative agency in Norwich. Fortunately, my job requires much to be learnt thanks to the ever-changing digital marketing industry. Everyone at Nu Image are extremely supportive and reassuring. I feel super comfortable to be myself and ask plenty of questions to further my knowledge and ability.

Deciding to embark on a new journey, for me an Apprenticeship, was a daunting decision. As someone who has made that step and reaped the benefits of doing so, here is my advice:

Ensure you find a programme that you will enjoy – Apprenticeships involve a lot of hard work, and to make the most out of the programme, you should put 100% effort into academy sessions and in the workplace.

Emily brings enthusiasm, new ideas and a passion to learn…

Put forward all of your ideas – even if your company does not use them on that occasion, you will learn to develop ideas suitable for the situation, and fresh ideas are always needed!

Independent study will pay off massively – the 3aaa academies will recommend you not only utilise every minute in the workplace for further skills development, but take the time to further develop your knowledge of different processes and software you may use.

Get involved – try to attend as many professional events as possible and make sure you document these. Not only could this help your business reach a new audience, but they will introduce you to new contacts.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – whether you aren’t sure about something, or you want to know more, make sure you ask people. It is always better to make a smaller mistake and learn from it.

Use everything as experience – From small meetings to being involved with projects, make sure you get the most out of each task. Whilst in the workplace, you witness your own personal and professional development, so enhancing that through further training and learning sets you up for a prosperous career.

“It has been a pleasure having Emily join our digital agency, she is full of enthusiasm, new ideas and has a clear desire to learn about the creative industry. Choosing an Apprentice through 3aaa has been a great option for us as Emily is already a great asset to our team,” Nicole Howes, Director at Nu Image.

To learn new skills and build a career in a profession you are passionate about, contact 3aaa Apprenticeships.

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