Thursday 24th August 2017

Alex Burns, the UK’s first ever completer of Level 4 Network Engineering Apprenticeship

We are pleased to announce that Alex Burns, a 3aaa Apprentice, is the first person in the UK to complete the new BCS Level 4  Apprenticeship in Network Engineering.

He joined the 3aaa Apprenticeships’ Liverpool Academy over a year ago where he completed his IT Level 3 Apprenticeship. Alex then became one of the first Apprentices to enrol on the Network Engineer Standard.

Alex’s employer Stack Interconnect, part of the Stack Group, specialise in the provision of IT services and management, providing a comprehensive range of services including all aspects of cloud, security, virtualisation, data storage, unified communications and Infrastructure.

Whilst on his Network Engineer Apprenticeship, Alex worked on network designs, copper cabling, fibre optics, Wi-Fi, lasers, CCTV and radio bridges, learning the technical skills during his academy days to assist him in his day to day activities.

Mark Darnell, Technical Sales and Support Manager of the Stack Interconnect division commented on Alex’s achievement:

“I have seen Alex’s character, confidence and ability grow vastly over the course of his Apprenticeship. His growing abilities have meant that he is becoming an ever increasingly important member of my Network Engineering team. Having personally witnessed the level of work Alex has put into this, I am immensely impressed that he has achieved a distinction. Alex is an example to all that hard work really does pay off. It is also great kudos to Alex and Stack Interconnect, that he is the very first BCS Network Engineer Apprentice.”

Alex is thrilled with his result and proud that he is the first person in the country to complete and get a Distinction for the Level 4 BCS Network Engineer Apprenticeship. He gives a special thank you to his employer for the dedication, enthusiasm and support he has received during his Apprenticeship, saying:

“Stack Interconnect has been a great place for me to learn everything I needed to know to not only succeed in my Apprenticeship, but in building a career for myself. With a fantastic learning environment, I have been able to rapidly learn all the technologies I have needed to succeed and continue to develop.”

Our Apprenticeships, which are designed by employers, for employers, reinforce the working environment within a business and support growth for not only the business and its operations, but individual employees, giving them the opportunity to excel and progress their career.

3aaa Apprenticeships are thrilled with the news that Alex is the first ever completer of the Level 4 BCS Network Engineer Apprenticeship and that Alex is happy with the support he has received from us and the staff. We look forward to giving more businesses the opportunity to work with fantastic Apprentices like Alex in transforming their workforce.

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