Monday 27th March 2017

Women in Technology Campaign

3aaa Apprenticeships are proud to announce that we are launching our new campaign, Women in Technology.

Women across the country often don’t apply for jobs within the Technology Sector for many reasons but a huge factor could be the fact that hardly any women in England currently work in these types of roles. 3aaa Apprenticeships are changing that.

In March 2016, Young Women’s Trust (YWT) released their report: “Making Apprenticeships Work For Young Women”. The research involved surveying young women, employers and the Government. This report found that the system is still not working for all young women.

The statistics were not only disappointing but incredibly shocking. See them below:

  • Young women received average pay of £4.82 an hour, compared with £5.85 for young men.
  • 23% of young women received no off-the-job training, compared to only 12% of young men.
  • 16% of women were out of work after their Apprenticeship, compared to only 6% of men.

A key reason for these differences is that the dramatic segregation of gender within this sector has hardly changed in over a decade.

Over the years, there has always been a resistance to hiring women in the Technology sector and the problem still exists today. Therefore, we have launched this campaign so that employers can see the real benefits of women working in Technology and hopefully will work with us to buck the trend of male dominance.

3aaa Apprenticeships believe that employers must start taking positive actions to increase diversity when hiring Apprentices and maybe the first step towards this would be to start tracking the success of all their Apprentices, ensuring that the pathway is fair for all.

Throughout this campaign, we will show employers, young people and whole organisations that times are changing and the Technology Sector is no longer just a man’s world. We will be highlighting the positive changes that women bring to the workplace, presenting case studies with inspirational women within the industry such as Tracy Pound, Managing Director of Maximity and 2016 winner of PRC’s Women of the Year and most importantly showing girls across the country that they really can have a successful career in Technology.

All women should feel empowered with the career path they chose and it should never be affected by anything but their own desires and capabilities.

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