Wednesday 11th April 2018

Xiria and 3aaa – Building a more positive learning experience

Xiria began working with 3aaa in early 2017 after hearing about us via a neighbouring business and since then, they have recently taken on their third 3aaa Apprentice.

Xiria is a Hampshire based, Managed IT Services company providing IT support, Cloud Computing, Colocation, Connectivity, Business Continuity and Cyber Security services.

3aaa were chosen as the ideal Apprenticeship provider due to the national presence that we provide on a local level. With 36 academies across England, we can provide our diverse range of programmes on a local level to your business.

Since partnering with 3aaa, Xiria have taken a keen interest in our Level 3 IT programme, recently taking on their third Apprentice, Aidan Moorcroft.

Neil Sperring, Managing Director at Xiria, said:

“You get far more value out of an Apprentice than an experienced person, because they are eager to learn and the applicants, in my experience, are very professional and keen to achieve. 3aaa has found good quality apprentices, whom I am immediately confident to place in front of a customer. They can work independently after clear instruction, share more dynamic ideas and can adjust to change rapidly.”

Neil himself originally started out his professional career as an Apprentice, and wanted to give the same opportunities to local young people to be able to support the local talent.

One of the 3aaa Apprentices, Richard Knight, who is currently on our Level 3 IT programme, chose the Apprenticeship route due to wanting to take a more hands-on approach to learning and wanting to take on a more professional direction.

“There were posters in schools and an open evening that day, so I went and attended the event. I was invited to an induction interview and then accepted into the applicant pool. I was surprised to find the applicant induction process to be so vigorous and thorough.”

Richard originally attended college but found that the teaching styles did not meet his needs. After originally having misconceptions about Apprenticeships, Richard found that “it has been a much more positive learning experience and far less stressful” than his college. His Apprenticeship has given him the opportunity to gain real experience whilst learning at the same time.

Xiria are one of the many amazing employers that we work with to provide Apprentices to develop the workforce of the company. By utilising our industry-leading programmes, they’re able to enhance the skillset and knowledge of their Apprentices in a way which best benefits the business needs.

With over 36 academies across England, we can provide our bespoke, local services at a location close to you. Whether you’re looking to hire Apprentices through our recruitment services, become an Apprentice and get started on one of our award-winning programmes, or manage your Levy spending to upskill your current workforce, 3aaa are able to support your needs.

Find out more about 3aaa, our thorough training programmes and our amazing learning facilities at

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