Data Analyst Level 4

Course Overview

Our Level 4 Data Analyst programme gives apprentices the chance to learn within a working environment and develop the skills to work with, and learn about; the data life cycle, the different types of data structures, database system designs, the implementation and maintenance of database systems, and how to apply industry standard tools and methods.

Over the course of the Level 4 Apprenticeship, participants will develop an understanding of how data is analysed and integrated and how each source captures this. They will also learn how data regulations and quality can help define an organisations strategy.


Module One

Big Data Fundamentals

This module develops an understanding of the range of different types of data and how the flow of an information system’s data follows a life cycle. It also demonstrates use and application of industry standard tools and methods.

Module Two

Structure and Architecture

This module covers the differences between structured and unstructured data including databases and spreadsheets. Also incorporating the fundamentals of structure and maintenance.

Module Three

Integration of Data

The module covers the knowledge base of data integration and how data can be defined from several sources to help capture a unified view of this data.

Module Four

Data Analysis

This module covers understanding how data itself doesn’t provide answers but can support decision making when effectively analysed. Covering steps from routine data analysis to collecting data, modelling, visualising, analysing and interpreting results.

Module Five

Regulation and Quality

This module covers how minor errors can cause massive issues in terms of analysis and provides an understanding that improving quality and defining organisational strategy helps benefit decision making within a business.

Module Six

Database Design

This module covers the process of producing detailed data models and providing an understanding of how to implement a database from a data model. Making sure that maintenance is actively completed, and data is backed up securely.

Learning & Assessment

Over the course of the 15 month Apprenticeship, participants will be required to attend their local 3aaa academy for delivery sessions alongside online learning, masterclasses from industry experts and access to a virtual learning environment.

During the academy sessions, Apprentices will be covering a range of modules that will be tailored towards their roles and responsibilities, learning about the concepts behind their tasks within the workplace and being able to develop themselves with key industry experience.

Programme Delivery

Please see below a list of delivery locations for this programme. The delivery schedule for each of these location can be downloaded by clicking on the View Schedule button. You can enquire on these cohorts by clicking on Enquire Now.

Location Starting Month Schedule Programme Enquiries
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Apprentice or Employer?

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Are you eligible?

Individual employers will set the selection criteria, but this is likely to include A levels; a level 3 Apprenticeship or other relevant qualification; relevant experience and/or an aptitude test with a focus on functional maths.

Typical Job roles

Become a…

Data Analyst

Become a…

Data Manager

Become a…

Data Scientist

Become a…

Date Modeller

Become a…

Data Architect

Become a…

Data Engineer

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