IS Business Analyst Level 4

Course Overview

Our Level 4 IS Business Analyst Apprenticeship gives apprentices the chance to learn within a working environment and develop the personal development skills required to work in a business analyst role. Following the programme, learners will understand the use of analysis within an organisation, look at the types of practices and be able to support good practice by looking at process modelling and requirements analysis.

Over the course of this Level 4 Apprenticeship, participants will develop their understanding of personal development, learn about the platforms and tools that are used within business analysis, understand the different sections of practice that are used and look at a wide range of modelling tasks and techniques.


Module One

Personal and Professional Skills

Learners will begin by covering consulting skills and being able to remain professional within communications. Also looking at management skills and being able to control a conversation.

Module Two

Software Platforms and Tools

Learners start to look at productivity software in this module. Using Microsoft, Excel and PowerPoint for professional business use. Also looking at Project Software and Modelling Software.

Module Three

Business Analyst Practice

This module is based on five sections: rationale, strategic analysis in content, understanding situations and issues, stakeholder perspectives and identifying potential solution.

Module Four

Business Process Modelling

This module is also based on five sections that cover a wide range of modelling tasks and techniques, where learners will look at the context in which business modelling is used, how it works and how to document it.

Module Five

Requirements Analysis

Within this module, learners will cover everything related to requirements analysis. Looking at topics such as stakeholder requirements within the gathering process, eliciting and then analysing their requirements.

Learning & Assessment

Over the course of the 18 month Apprenticeship, learners will receive close training from their 3aaa trainer in one of our 38 training academies.

During the academy sessions, Apprentices will be covering a range of modules that will be tailored towards their roles and responsibilities, learning about the concepts behind their tasks within the workplace and being able to develop themselves with key industry experience.

Programme Delivery

Please see below a list of delivery locations for this programme. The delivery schedule for each of these location can be downloaded by clicking on the View Schedule button. You can enquire on these cohorts by clicking on Enquire Now.

Location Starting Month Schedule Programme Enquiries
Currently no Cohorts available for this Programme.
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Apprentice or Employer?

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Individual employers will set the selection criteria, but this is likely to include A levels; a level 3 Apprenticeship or other relevant qualification; relevant experience and/or an aptitude test with a focus on functional maths.

Typical Job roles

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IS Business Analyst

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IT Business Analyst

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Business Systems Analyst

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Requirements Analyst

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Business Process Analyst

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Project Coordinator

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