Operations / Departmental Manager Level 5

Course Overview

Our Operations/Departmental Manager programme is designed to equip Managers with the key skills needed to manage resources, recruitment and information management. Throughout the programme, they will be supported by experienced management experts, who will give them the knowledge and skills that they can apply in the business environment.

Over the 15 – 18 month programme, Manager will cover a variety of topics allowing them to contribute to, and create, strategic plans alongside the creation and development of business plans which will be integral to your business’s progression. As part of this programme Manager will learn to manage projects, lead and manage teams, manage change, talent management and support others through mentoring and coaching. We have worked with employers to develop an innovative and exciting programme which will benefit both Managers and businesses.


Module One

You The Manager Vs You The Leader

Employees will identify development needs, be able to use different leadership styles to maximise team performance and understand management & leadership.

Module Two

Communication & Influencing

For this, employees will be able to utilise different leadership skills and behaviours to maximise team performance.

Module Three

Your Business – Culture & Strategy

By taking part in this module, employees will effectively embed visions, missions and values within your team’s performance and identify external and internal enablers.

Module Four

Your Business – Outstanding Vs Good

Employees will learn to identify the difference between outstanding and good, in terms of people, process, product, justify and refine your business improvement plan and sustaining change.

Module Five

High Level Critical Thinking & Decision Making

This module will enable your employee to apply strategic thinking, select management tools and techniques and make sound business decisions.

Module Six

Coaching & Mentoring

Here, employees will understand the benefits of workplace coaching, apply coaching techniques and maximise performance.

Module Seven

Performance Management

In this module, your employee will select performance management techniques to drive multifunctional teams and carry out effective proposals.

Module Eight


Employees of your business will learn and understand profit and loss, apply effective budget controls, recognise and manage value for money and organisational governance.

Module Nine

Project & Talent Management

We will look into your current talent management pathway and tailor this module, allowing your employee to understand the process.

Module Ten

Operational Risk Management

In this module, your employee will work with us to look at your business’ current risk management procedures and gain knowledge into how to develop these.

Module Eleven

Meeting Stakeholder & Quality Needs

We will look into current stakeholder and quality needs to shape a module around these.

Module Twelve

Mindset Vs Skillset

For this module, we will look into both the mindset and skillset of your business to develop a module that will be beneficial for your employees.

Learning & Assessment

The programme is designed to last on average 15 – 18 months. The learning coach will guide participants through the programme enabling them to show the skills, knowledge and behaviours to increase efficiency and productivity. Our learning coach will also support participants to develop a portfolio to showcase their best work to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that they have gained.

This programme consists of 12 modules, each of which have a days Workshop training included, which have been designed with industry experts to ensure Managers complete this programme with the skills and knowledge to take their business forward.

Create Tomorrow’s Leaders

Up-skilling your existing Managers with leadership skills will ensure your business is in the best possible position to react to change, remain competitive and manage growth. Depending on the age of your participants, business will have to contribute 10% of the cost of this training programme. However, if you are an Apprenticeship Levy paying company, we can discuss with you the best way to implement your levy strategy to include Management training.

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I have learnt how to define the characteristics of a good leader so that I can spot areas for improvement and to develop and adapt my leadership style to manage different personalities amongst the team.

Lyndsay Rowley – Senior Biomedical Scientist


National Insurance Contribution rebate for Apprentices

Did you know that you could claim back the National Insurance Contributions for your Apprentices depending on their age. If your business has hired an Apprentice since 6th April 2016, who is aged under 25 and is enrolled on an Apprenticeship, you can claim back your National Insurance contributions for them. Depending on the salary of your Apprentice, this could amount to a significant saving. By changing your employer contribution category for Apprentices who meet these criteria will save your business money.

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Typical Job roles

Become a…

Operations Manager

Become a…

Regional Manager

Become a…

Divisional Manager

Become a…

Department Manager

Become a…

Specialist Manager

Become a…

Service Manager

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