Team Leader / Supervisor Level 3

Course Overview

Our Team Leader/Supervisor programme is designed to provide participants with the communication and motivational skills needed to improve operational efficiency. Throughout the programme participants will be supported by experienced management experts, who will give them the knowledge and skills to apply in their business environment.

Over the 12-15 month programme, participants will cover a variety of topics allowing them to support, manage and develop both themselves and their teams. They will also learn to manage projects, plan and monitor workloads and resources, deliver business plans, resolve problems and make decisions. We have worked with many employers to develop an innovative and exciting programme which will benefit both future leaders and businesses.


Module One

Principles of Management and Leadership

This module of our Level 3 Team Leader programme covers the principles of project management and leadership. Learners will be taught how organisations operate and understand the application of management and leadership approaches. They’ll also be taught the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be an effective manager and how to understand a management role.

Module Two

Managing a Team to Achieve Results

Within this module, learners will cover the role and purpose of teams and then be able to recognise the characteristics of a high performing team. They’ll learn how to lead, communicate with and motivate a high performing team whilst also knowing how to respond to challenges when managing a team pro-actively.

Module Three

Building Stakeholder Relationships using Effective Communication

This module covers being able to build stakeholder relationships by using effective communication. Learners will learn the purpose of building stakeholder relationships and then understand the different channels and types of communication that are used to build these relationships. Learners will also learn how to respond to any barriers when communicating with stakeholders.

Module Four

Contributing to the Delivery of a Project

The Contributing to the Delivery of a Project module covers how to contribute to the delivery of a project, the role and purpose of projects in an organisation and how projects are delivered. They will also learn how to deliver a project and then knowing how to monitor progress to ensure a successful delivery.

Module Five

Managing Daily Activities to Achieve Results

Learners will cover the ability to manage daily activities and achieve results as well as the purpose of daily work activities in the context of an organisation and how to prioritise and set objectives. Learners will also cover how to monitor outcomes and respond to problems and how to organise and allocate work.

Module Six

Managing Budgets and Resources

Being able to manage budgets and resources is included within this module with learners being taught to understand the importance of managing resources in their own area of responsibility and how to manage costs within a budget.

Module Seven

Managing Data and Information

This module revolves around managing data and information with participants understanding the reasons for collecting data and information and knowing the types of data and information used by organisations. They’ll be taught how to interpret data and information and how to communicate the findings.

Module Eight

Managing Own Personal and Professional Development

The final module in this programme looks at managing personal and professional development where learners will understand the benefits of, and know how to identify opportunities for, personal and professional development. They will also learn how to create and monitor a personal and professional development plan.

Learning & Assessment

Over the course of the programme participants will receive 10 learning modules delivered as full-day sessions by our management experts. These sessions will be delivered during the first 12 months of the programme and will be punctuated by regular visits from their dedicated management coach. A timetable for this activity will be established at the beginning of the programme to accommodate other commitments.

Your Future Leaders

Upskill your current Team Leaders

This programme has been designed to up-skill existing employees to strengthen the leadership skills within your businesses. If you have a number of Managers you would like to participate in this programme, we can work with you to create a bespoke programme, contexulaised to your business. Or we have open programmes running across the country from our local delivery centres which cater for individual Managers looking to expand their leadership skills.

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I have learnt how to define the characteristics of a good leader so that I can spot areas for improvement and to develop and adapt my leadership style to manage different personalities amongst the team.

Lyndsay Rowley – Senior Biomedical Scientist


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Typical Job roles

Become a…

Project Officer

Become a…

Shift Supervisor

Become a…


Become a…

Team Leader

Become a…

Expenses Supervisor

Become a…

Shift Manager

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