Digital Marketer
Level 3

Course Overview

Our Digital Marketer Apprenticeship is designed to equip Apprentices with the fundamentals in Digital Marketing. Throughout the programme Apprentices will be taught by Coaches with industry experience who can effectively share their knowledge and experiences whilst teaching the skills required to develop a successful career in Digital Marketing.


Module One

The Business Environment

You will understand how marketing fits into business objectives and the current state of the marketing environment across different sectors.

Module Two

Sales, Segmentation and Strategy

In this module you will be given the underpinning knowledge you need to be able to produce a marketing plan, considering competitor analysis and market segmentation.

Module Three

Copywriting and Etiquette

You will understand the importance of communicating effectively across multiple platforms, considering tone, culture and appropriateness, and will learn how copywriting theories can be applied.

Module Four

Social Media Concepts and Branding

For this module, you will be introduced to the concepts of social media, setting up social media sites, managing relationships and scheduling content. You will then learn the fundamentals of branding.

Module Five

SEO and Paid Search

You will be given a knowledge of SEO and how to run campaigns through Google AdWords, whilst understanding how to link these with keywords.

Module Six

Content Management System Website Creation

You will understand how websites are managed through Content Management Systems, and will be able to set up websites on basic CMS tools including SEO.

Module Seven

Tools, Techniques and Tracking

As an online module using up-to-date tutorials from industry experts, you will gain an insight into tools that are relevant to your job role.

Module Eight

Collaboration and Security

As an online module, learners will be equipped with a knowledge of how to work safely and securely online, considering tools that allow collaborative working.

Module Nine

Coding and Logic

You will understand the principles of coding including software languages, compatibility of code on different platforms and components involved to make the web work.

Learning & Assessment

This Apprenticeship lasts for 12-15 months, with Apprentices coming into their local Academy on a monthly basis for academy sessions. The frequency of these academy sessions will depend on which modules the Apprentice and their employer agree to undertake and our local academy will work with you to establish the timetable for these academy sessions.

Each Apprentice must submit a portfolio which must contain evidence of workplace tasks undertaken and completed. This evidence will be gathered throughout the Apprenticeship and compiled by the Appentice. This will be explained in full by your local 3aaa Academy.

Apprentice or Employer?

Become an Apprentice

Are you eligible?

To be accepted into the 3aaa Apprenticeships’ applicant pool, you must hold 5 GCSEs (graded A* to C or 9 to 5) or equivalent.

This must include English and Maths and you must demonstrate a proven passion in Digital Marketing.

Typical Job Roles

Become a…

Digital Marketing Assistant

Become a…

Campaign Assistant

Become a…

Social Media Assistant

Become a…

Social Media Executive

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Social Network Solutions

After recognising a need for a Digital Marketer within their business, Photostatic wanted an enthusiastic and passionate individual who would be able to assist them with their marketing operations.

Hire an Apprentice

Hire a Digital Marketer Apprentice

The 3aaa Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing is designed to give you the skilled workforce your business needs to identify key opportunities and capitalise on them to facilitate growth.

We can work with you to source a suitable applicant for your business or you can up-skill your existing employees. If the employee is under 19 and your business has less than 50 employees, there will be no cost for the training. If they are over 19 and/or your business has over 50 employees then you will contribute 10% towards the cost of the training.

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With our Match and Fill recruitment service we will advertise your vacancy, screen applicants and pre-interview potential candidates to ensure you only interview the most appropriate people for your specific role – all free of charge.

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National Insurance Contribution rebate for Apprentices

Did you know that you could claim back the National Insurance Contributions for your Apprentices depending on their age? If your business has hired an Apprentice since 6th April 2016, who is aged under 25 and is enrolled on an Apprenticeship, you can claim back your National Insurance Contributions for them. Depending on the salary of your Apprentice, this could amount to a significant saving. By changing your employer contribution category for Apprentices who meet these criteria you will save your business money.

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Typical Job Roles

Become a…

Digital Marketing Assistant

Become a…

Campaign Executive

Become a…

Social Media Executive

Become a…

Social Media Executive

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