Jack Grimshaw

Digital Marketing - Why I chose an Apprenticeship

Why I Chose an Apprenticeship – Jack Grimshaw, Digital Marketing Apprentice

I was in my second year of A-levels when I decided that I wanted to do an apprenticeship. I knew I didn’t want to go to university, and I knew I wanted to start working and earning money as soon as possible.

However, the issue is that so many employers are reluctant to employ young people with a lack of experience in a full-time job, which is where an apprenticeship can come in to bridge the gap. You can earn money, learn new skills and gain crucial experience that can give you an advantage when you look for a job in the future, all whilst working towards qualifications to put on your CV.

If you are thinking about going into full time employment following education, or if you want to enter a new line of work, you should definitely consider an apprenticeship with 3aaa.

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