Owen Burrows

Infrastructure Technician - Why I chose an Apprenticeship

Why I Chose an Apprenticeship – Owen Burrows, IT Apprentice

After I left sixth form I decided I wanted to purse an apprenticeship rather than going to university. There were multiple reasons why I wanted to do an apprenticeship, but the main reason was I wanted to learn and work at the same time. I felt that I would benefit more if I was in real life working environment rather than going to university.

I feel that I have learned more in my apprenticeship so far, than I would have if I had chosen to go to university. Being able to apply what you have learnt in real life situations helps you improve your skills and confidence.

Another reason why I wanted to get an apprenticeship was for the fact that I would be earning money. This is a big incentive when leaving school or college. I compared an apprenticeship to the £9000 cost of going to university and it seemed like an obvious choice to me.

Overall, I’m glad that I decided to choose an apprenticeship as it has allowed me to gain new skills and experience whilst feeling like part of a team. Earning a wage also feels great and has allowed me to do things that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I had gone to university to study instead.

I don’t have any regrets choosing an apprenticeship with 3aaa.

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