Rachel Powell

Digital Marketing - Why I chose an Apprenticeship

Why I Chose an Apprenticeship – Rachel Powell, Digital Marketing Apprentice

Having gone through university and achieving a degree in my chosen field, I thought it would be relatively easy to begin my career… I was wrong and choosing to pursue an apprenticeship was the best decision I could have made for my future.

Having a degree and knowing I would be slightly older than your typical apprentice, I was hesitant at first to even apply for positions as an apprentice. Having made the decision to take the plunge, I was met with nothing but encouragement and information, which is what was needed for me to get onto my dream career path.

I’ve learnt, through different education platforms, that relevant experience is the key thing to becoming a success story in the modern world, and nothing achieves that like learning while you work in a real-world environment. Understanding the theory and practices behind the way my desired industry runs and then being able to have a workplace where I can immediately apply what I’ve recently learnt is something I’ve found enlightening on my apprenticeship course.

Being surrounded by like-minded individuals in a classroom environment that are members of different industries, you learn a lot, you feed off other people’s experiences that you wouldn’t have access to in an isolated, single-industry workplace. Having access to mentors and teachers, who are trained experts in the industry, in a learning setting provides a safe environment to ask all your burning questions that perhaps you wouldn’t want to ask in a professional work environment.

An apprenticeship gives you a unique push forward in your career path that you simply can’t get through traditional classroom education alone. I couldn’t recommend it enough for someone looking to switch careers or further themselves in their current path.

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